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May 19, 2024

Shelby Township rebates $735,461.94 to property owners, mails checks

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On December 27, 2018


Shelby Township, the underlying reason for HB1896, just completed printing checks, stuffing envelopes, and mailing out those rebate checks to its approximately 2800 property parcel owners.

The total amount rebated by the Township was $735,461.94.

This is an average of $262.66 per property parcel.

State Representative Brad Halbrook and State Senator Chapin Rose sponsored HB1896, which changed the Township Code to set a cap on accumulated funds. Of those Legislators voting, it passed the House and Senate unanimously.

Sec. 85-65. Accumulation of funds. Township  funds, excluding the township's capital fund, shall not exceed an amount equal to or greater than 2.5 times the annual average expenditure of the previous 3 fiscal years.



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1 Comment
  • Theodore Bogart
    Posted at 14:14h, 03 January

    Except when they don’t. Mike Holland told me that they would only “attach rebates to the current owner of the property parcels” I sold my property in December 2017, and Mr Holland directs my rebate to the current owner. Only in Shelby Township.

    Transcript of my conversation with Michael Holland January 03, 2019:
    I called left a message he called back immediately. He told me that the rebate for my taxes was assigned to my parcel of land and whoever holds the land would receive that rebate. He said that they can’t go back 30 years. I reminded him that we’re talking about the year 2017 – not 30 years ago.
    He said that’s just the way we’re doing it.
    I said so you’re saying that you’re taking my tax money, that I paid, and you’re giving it to somebody else who currently owns my property. He said no, not exactly, we just attached it to the parcel of land and whoever is the owner of that parcel is the recipient.
    I said if that’s your final answer, then I request that you send me a copy of your policy, that you just stated in writing.
    He said why do you want to me to do that?
    I said without something in writing you can say something one day to me, and then say something another day to someone else.
    I just want the township board policy in writing.
    At this point he stopped speaking and I heard background noises like rustling of papers.
    I asked repeatedly Mike, are you still there?
    Suddenly he came back to the phone.
    At this point Mr. Holland was very agitated, yelling and stated “You’re calling me a liar. You’re calling up from Washington state and calling me a liar!”
    I said Mike those are not my words, All I’m asking for is the township policy on this matter.
    He then said I’m not gonna take any of this… I’m hanging up the phone right now,
    And he hung up.