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April 19, 2024

DuPage Township – Trustee Maripat Oliver -$15,000 Maximum………?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On December 17, 2018

Will Co. (ECWd) –

Knowing their obligations and knowing the laws they are supposed to be following is the first step for any elected official.  That is why my first public comment to public bodies tends to be a simple question, have you read your powers and duties?  In most cases, they have not.  Another question is to identify mandatory obligations the elected officials have by law and ask them about it.

One of the few Township government functions deals with what is known as Emergency Assistance.  It also happens to be one of the most abused government programs we have seen and tends to be provided based on a confusion with another Township Code that deals with Social Services.

During a Dupage Township meeting, I asked the Board a simple question about Emergency Assistance.  I asked because Emergency Assistance is money that is tied to the General Assistance tax and has very specific limitations as to what it can be spent on.

My first question was simply, how many have read the Public Aid act as it relates to General Assistance and Emergency Assistance.  That question triggered immediate cover from Supervisor Mayer, who instructed them they basically don’t have to answer any questions from the media or the Public.  All sat quietly except Trustee Benford who confirmed she has read the act.

The next question was just as simple.

Q: Can any of the Board members provide the public with the maximum dollar amount that was set by the board for Emergency Assistance?

A: Trustee Oliver-“I believe it’s $15,000.00 dollars we are required to have in the fund.”

Why did I ask that questions?  Because of what the law says.  The same law that certain board members appear to have never read. Based on Trustee Oliver’s answer, I would say she has never read the law nor has any clue of her obligations under that law, thus unable to properly audit such expenses as a trustee.

According to the law: “The emergency assistance so given shall be by vendor payment in an amount necessary to meet the need, up to the maximum established by the local governmental unit“.

DuPage Township has never set the maximum amount that can be given under Emergency Assistance.  So if that figure has never been set, how are they providing this assistance to anyone and is what they are providing truly Emergency Assistance as the law defines it?

“emergency financial assistance to alleviate life-threatening circumstances or to assist the individual in attaining self-sufficiency may be given to or in behalf of the applicant. The emergency assistance so given shall be by vendor payment in an amount necessary to meet the need, up to the maximum established by the local governmental unit.” 

Life-threatening circumstances or assist the individual in attaining self-sufficiency.  

Emergency Assistance is only allowed to be given once in a 12 month period according to the law.

“Emergency assistance shall not be granted under this Section more than once to any applicant during any 12 consecutive month period.”

That being the case, why does DuPage Township website point to once every 18 months? 

Based on answers and actions to the most basic questions, it appears to be safe to say they are clueless about what the law says.

For example, Home Relief was shifted to the General Assitance fund by the Supervisor.  General Assistance is a specific levy that covers General Assistance and Emergency Assistance under very specific criteria.  General Assistance is also a fund that the Supervisor controls himself and the board has no vote on such expenditures.  According to the forensic audit, which lacked real analysis, which we covered in this article, the Supervisor shifted “Home Relief” from the Township Fund where board members have a say, to the General Assistance Fund where he controls it.

A home relief program is a service that could possibly be provided under section 85-13(a)1(G), “Social Services for the poor and aged”.  A request has been submitted to identify details of this service and if it is being operated as outlined by law because of comments we saw in a past publication regarding Supervisor Mayer.

According to Supervisor Mayer’s candidate profile published in the Daily Herald, “We have saved over 600 homes from foreclosure”.

While I understand the stress a foreclosure action has on a person and their family, taxes are levied for specific government functions and we do not believe it is legal to for Townships to use peoples tax money to save private homes from foreclosure.

We have yet to find any Township statute that permits taxpayer funds to be used to save peoples homes from foreclosure but rest assured we are still looking.  A request for details specific to his claim has been submitted and we will update accordingly.



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  • Sarah
    Posted at 12:21h, 17 December

    So wish I would get a return call on my leak

    • Kirk Allen
      Posted at 14:06h, 17 December

      Try shooting us an email as I don’t recall getting any call on any leak. [email protected]

  • Bill Mayer Should Resign
    Posted at 18:33h, 17 December

    Did Oliver say $15,000? So that means someone can get $15,000 in emergency assistance at the minimum? Isn’t she running for office now? Lord help us all if these opportunists don’t stop it. And the Supervisor told them that they didn’t have to answer such a basic question. Heck he probably didn’t know the answer himself. At least one trustee didn’t play follow the dummie. Which character in the Wizard of Oz was looking for a brain? Tell him don’t stop by that meeting, brains are in short supply.

  • Robert O.Bogue
    Posted at 16:27h, 18 December

    This first part is for William M. Mayer. Borrowing public tax dollars from DuPage Township coffers for personal use…isn’t, just something you don’t do, it’s a criminal act and against the law. DuPage township is not in the business of lending money for your personal shortfalls and you’re not allowed to do so. How arrogant, sanctimonious and brazenly criminal can one person get?
    Downstate, this kind of stuff is referred to as stealing; you’re a thief, plain and simple. Sadly, your township attorney is ignorant, corrupt or incompetent: you choose. Was he worth a dam, he would have called you out for this nasty deed alone and demanded your immediate resignation…or resigned himself.
    AND, as they say, there’s still more. The mutual back scratching of financial contributions between DuPage township funds and your campaign funds (which by the way, turn out to be illegal township contributions) just underscore another significant problem with your service. It’s clear why you constantly remind board members remain silent to audience questions, it’s called self-preservation. Don’t think that’s all the stuff out there, just a good start. Appalling, just appalling.
    I just can’t end this without a few words about the latest $15,000.00 statement and the “rubber stamp trustees”, a duo of Ken Burgess and Maripat Oliver.
    Both in a serious need of a complete, through self-examination of their personnel conduct. Don’t like the messenger? So……what. It’s the message you need to be listening to… it’s your job. Listen to the message.
    Now the question. How can you sit there and discover Supervisor Mayer’s illegal activities without even the slightest whimper? Why not an open discussion regarding the excessive dollars in the GA fund? Why not a discussion regarding illegal contributions? Why not a discussion about illegal personal loans. Why not for once, just consider the tax payers best interests above yours and read the very statues you are supposed to be following? How hard would that be?
    You, the rubber stamp duo, need to wake up and get with the program. Put your rubber gloves on and go to work. Do your job and just FTL: (follow the law)!

  • Bill Mayer Should Resign
    Posted at 01:29h, 20 December

    You should add clueless to this title!