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May 21, 2024

DuPage Township – Forensic Audit falls short

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On September 3, 2018

Will Co. (ECWd) –

A forensic audit recently performed for DuPage Township in Will County has many scratching their heads.

One of the main purposes of a forensic audit is to determine if transactions are compliant with the law, and to identify fraud and/or abuse of taxpayer money. Reading the thirteen-page audit we find many questions never answered by the auditors, even though they were presented as key questions in the audit purpose.

The very first item points to questions of unauthorized transactions with staff entering into arrangements without board knowledge or consent.  The findings never make any determination to that question.  The same first item talks of transfers from other accounts, however, the auditors fail to point out the law on Township transfers of funds, which is very limited and in some cases are only allowed by the electors at the annual town meeting.  Lastly, in the first item, they speak of “issues” with reconciling the disbursement account yet nowhere do they disclose what those issues were.

We highlighted what we would call glaring failures to provide sufficient information to answer questions raised as well as matters exposed that point to what we would consider spending outside statutory authority.

One of the most surprising matters dealt with stolen cash.

  • While this is outside the 3-year span, there apparently was a burglary in July 2013 where a significant amount of cash was stolen but not reported to the police in their report. How was this loss of cash accounted for?”

The auditors never answered the question as to how this stolen cash was accounted for.  Instead, they cite from a police report that outlines there was no report to the police of cash stolen.

How is it that a public body has stolen cash and does not report it to the police? 

The report identifies public funds that were collected but those who had contact with that money have no idea where it went as they were “unsure” what they did with the envelope and “unsure” if the money was deposited.

Unsure if it was deposited?

Bank records should reflect all deposits yet the so-called “forensic” audit report makes no mention of any effort taken to identify if these funds were deposited.  If they were not, may we suggest a police report for missing money?

Reading the report is enough to boil your blood. The auditors did confirm spending from the General Assistance was being done in violation of the Public Aid Act.  Such improper spending is a crime, yet we see no reference to any investigative agency being notified or any official complaint filed with Illinois Department of Human Services.

We suggest the items outlined in this so-called forensic audit report to be yet another example of how out of control some Illinois Townships are, and how insufficient government audits are.

You can download the audit report at this link or view below.

DuPage-Township-Forensic-Audit-Report-2018 (1)



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  • jannie
    Posted at 11:02h, 03 September

    I would “guess” the reason why the stolen cash was never reported was because the public body knew who took it and decided to let it go. I know it’s wrong, but that wouldn’t be surprising. What is more surprising is the audit didn’t find or show that there was money at one one & there was nothing to show where it went. I can understand how spending a debit card for a purchase may not have been recorded in the books, but when the treasurer did the money report – that error would have shown up, or, at worse at the end of the year audit that was done. I find this entire situation beyond belief, they are “unsure” whether money was deposited – there are bank records that would show that.
    As far as the audit – seems like it could have been more complete –

    • Jack
      Posted at 01:20h, 05 September

      It appears that the wife of the supervisor and other members of the board are now attacking one board member on social media. It is so obvious they are mad at the board member because this is all coming out. But the wife isn’t saying anything about her husband’s illegal spending from General Assistance or unauthorized checks for thousands of dollars. Saw your report say the general assistance crimes should be reported to public aid and department of human services. Can you share the website and/or phone number to report these crimes? Also can anyone report the crime or does it have to be a member of the board or the entire board reporting the crime?

    • Real News Believer
      Posted at 19:28h, 19 September

      4th attempt:

      COMMENT deleted by moderator. Please keep comments to the subject of the article.

    • Real News Believer
      Posted at 10:00h, 20 September

      Keep the comments to the subject of the article.

    • Truth
      Posted at 13:19h, 24 September

      Are you kidding me? This is unbelievable that you would think anyone would be involved in who stole the money and wouldn’t say anything. It was in 2013, everyone knew about it, no money was stolen, a window got fixed and everyone moved on. Figures it’s bring brought up again, OMG! And the audit, a lot of questions were asked of everyone, they were at the township for weeks and weeks. If a trustee or board member didn’t like it then they should have stepped in before they approved it. It was talked about in the executive session August 22, so plenty of time to tell the forensic auditors to be more specific don’t you think?

  • Real News Believer
    Posted at 11:20h, 07 September

    Well just as I expected! This so called watchdog blog is nothing but a way to stir up a lot of trouble with only sharing one side. I shared information that I received from doing my own Freedom of Information Act and sent that over to Kraft with Edgar County 6 days ago and not shocked at all that it has not been shared. DELETED BY MODERATOR

    MESSAGE FROM MODERATOR: You made lots of accusations but provided nothing of substance to back it up. You said you received a lot of things under FOIA but never sent them to us. We DO NOT print anything without the ability to prove what we say. That is why your accusations have not been written about yet.

    • Jack
      Posted at 01:09h, 21 October

      Do you mean sharing one side like that facebook group? Ok, Christina, listen as I say it slowly. Your husband is the only one with signing authority and the only one bonded based on what I read in the township code. So unless you are trying to say someone committed forgery, then this is all on HIM. So he is the ONLY one ultimately responsible and the only one that will be charged criminally per what the group said at the last meeting. You should spend your time helping him figure out his restitution plan and not continuing to through out false allegations against others. Especially not other men that you were sharing yourself with. now what would be a treat is if all of therm came forward to explain your character. You two are made for each other, he always trying to destroy anyone that stands up for themselves. I’m sure his parents are proud of him. Pathetic.

  • Jack
    Posted at 00:31h, 12 September

    What can be done to charge this supervisor with the illegal acts committed and charge the employees that stole the cash? Taxpayers are upset and want justice. Now the senior citizens are being threatened. When does it end. This guy is making up lies, blaming everyone else except himself. His arrogance at the board meetings is ridiculous. Possibly destroying evidence. One employee is right back up to their old tricks. Save these taxpayers. The other person on this post is provably involved with the crime ring.

    This guy only seems to take notice when you guys write about him. He even joked tonight that he would be in the paper again. This is not a joke and those are not his personal bank accounts. Save these taxpayers.

    Still spending illegally out of General Assistance. No bid contracts payments approved tonight to a company that provides close to $40,000 in services and this guy won’t send it out for a bid. Wonder why? Check out his reporting on the state board of elections. Something smells fishy. Save these taxpayers.

    • Real News Believer
      Posted at 23:55h, 13 September

      Jack, you seem to pretend you have knowledge. If so, then share facts, not hearsay. Senior Citizens are being threatened, how so? Possibly destroying evidence, how so? No bid contracts payments, which ones? All your other rants appear to be personal, stating he lies, he blames everyone else, he is arrogant, he jokes…..appears maybe your upset because he isn’t your friend anymore. Curious as to your opinion on the charge that can be brought against stolen cash that was found never to have been stolen? How does that work exactly? Are they charged with attempted stealing?

      • Jack
        Posted at 22:57h, 15 September

        Someone is in there recording the township meetings and sharing with other concerned taxpayers, that can’t always attend the meetings. Thank God. The audit report is online. It said someone “lost” cash or didn’t remember if it was deposited. There was something else about cash as well. Who created their own petty cash account? Where can yo do that? I can read. And I agreed with the person that wrote this article, where is the follow up? No one could check a bank statement and see if the cash was deposited. How easy is that to do? I’m not ranting, just stating what I read and saw on Facebook. Just watching “y’all attack people” in a Facebook group using a bunch of fake profiles. And yes senior citizens talk and a few days after one meeting, one senior citizen, was called in for a “long meeting” and she left and told other seniors all about it. No one is sharing hearsay, sharing facts. Do you know anything about the bid process at the township? if so, please enlighten us.

        • Real News Believer
          Posted at 11:27h, 16 September

          Well Trustee Jack, seems to be you should stay away from posting when you are tired. Your last post really made no sense and was not even complete sentences, your quoting things that shouldn’t be quoted, your referencing Facebook, like I would have a clue what you’re talking about. On top of the rambling, you never answered any of my questions to you. Instead you came back and asked me more questions. Typical. I still ask how are seniors being threatened, how is evidence being destroyed, and what payments were done without bid that was $40,000? You are the one that stated you were either at the meeting or listened to the tape. I feel you were there otherwise, you wouldn’t “hear” arrogance.

          • Jack
            Posted at 00:15h, 19 September

            Taxpayer Jack says follow the money! Not the lies…follow the money….you are obviously trying to figure out what is becoming public so you can keep spinning lies. Is that why you continue to come back to this page? Go back to your fake profiles on social media and lie there. There was a whole group of people at the Citizens Watchdog training with stories and so much more about the same person!!! It wasn’t about a trustee. It was all about the MAN in charge. No matter how you spin it, he was in charge. All of those people aren’t making up stories about his actions for years. Heck he just did two things that were illegal in the past two weeks. Confirmed and proven. It never stops. Secret meetings with the new IT company as well. What that called “obstruction of justice”. Didn’t he say at a meeting that emails were deleted. That is a federal crime right? He stopped with that lie when he found out it was going to be proven wrong. Lies…lies….lies. Notes are being taken, stay tuned. And please don’t ask what he did. Wifey….tell him everything is not a game. Oh and there is a list circulating about you too. You were quite the community servant and all of those guys are coming forward now. It just never ends.

        • Real News Believer
          Posted at 23:16h, 19 September

          You seem to be making assumptions on who I am IRL but I don’t have to justify anything to someone who is also using a false identity. I am a taxpayer who has lived in this community for many, many years and has a vested interest in the truth, not a lot of BS. I’ve asked for proof of your allegations and all you can do is reply with more baseless accusations. Once again, please tell me what proof you have that the township supervisor is, according to you “senior citizens are being threatened” , “Possibly destroying evidence”, “Still spending illegally out of General Assistance”, “he just did two things that were illegal in the past two weeks. Confirmed and proven.”, “Secret meetings with the new IT company”. If you’re so interested in making people aware of this, share the proof, otherwise you’re just a horrible source of gossip who we all should ignore.

          As for your last comment, I certainly hope the person you refer to as “wifey” reads this and take legal action. Look up the definition of libel; I believe you just committed it.

  • Real News Believer
    Posted at 23:14h, 19 September

    Dear Moderator, How are Jack’s comments keeping to subject of the article?

    Jack’s very first post on this article talks about the supervisor’s wife and members of the board attacking another member on social media?

    2nd post starts making additional accusations, however not part of your article? Talks about a no bid contract, which has nothing to do with your article?

    3rd post again continues to talk about board meetings, fake Facebook Profiles, those don’t have to do with a forensic audit.

    4th Post mentions fake profiles again, discusses your training, more accusations and mentions the wife again, which all have nothing to do with your forensic audit article?

    Again, I ask why are Jack’s comments allowed, however mine asking Jannie about the Burglary which is in the forensic audit, isn’t allowed?