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DuPage Township Supervisor Admits conflict

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DuPage Township Supervisor Bill Mayer appears to have admitted to a conflict of interest, that if true, could be a class 4 felony under the Township code at a minimum.

The Township code, specifically section 85-45 outlines pecuniary interest in contracts and states in part:  “Sec.85-45. Pecuniary interest in contracts. 
 (a)Except as provided in this Section, no township officer or employee shall be interested, directly or indirectly, in his or her own name or in the name of any other person, association, trust, or corporation, in any contract for work, materials, profits of work or materials, or services to be furnished or performed for the township or for any person operating a public utility wholly or partly within the territorial limits of the township.”

Of interest in this case is Wrangler Unlimited is a dissolved corporation according to the Illinois Secretary of State filing.  The company names Supervisor Bill Mayer’s wife as the President and Agent and reflects the company was involuntarily dissolved in December of 2016. 

Supervisor Mayer disclosed on his Statement of Economic Interest that he is a Partner in a company named Wrangler and that it has done business with DuPage Township and that his interest held is in excess of $5,000.00 or received dividends in excess of $1,200.00 during the preceding calendar year.   

During a previous meeting, Mayer said he would provide an affidavit that he is not affiliated with nor worked for Call One, a company that is contracted with the Township.  To date he has refused to provide the affidavit however court records reflect that at least in 2012, he was a “sales representative at Call One, Inc.” and “earned in excess of $160,000(net) in 2012”

After a recent Township meeting, his wife, we believe slipped in her attempts to protect her husband and confirmed he does not work for Call one but rather Wrangler, a company she owns, which Mayer is reporting an interest in and claims they do business with the Township.  

If these admissions by Mayer are true then it appears he has violated the Township code outlined above.   According to that statute, “(e) Any officer who violates this Section is guilty of a Class 4 felony”

If Call One is paying Wrangler a commission or fee for their business with DuPage Township then Supervisor Mayer, by his own Statement of Economic Interest, may be on the wrong side of Section 3 of the Officers Prohibited Activities Act as well. 


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  1. I sent a copy of the article to Mr. Berlin’s office for comment or action. When is a conflict not a conflict? When your wife says so, of course.

  2. Is there any law he hasn’t broken? I do remember his wife talking about what he did and she brushed off the fact that everything was illegal and that “he is sorry”. How much longer is he is office? I saw him smirking when one of you spoke. This is all a joke to him?

    • Only person that is a joke is a past employee from the food pantry that has stirred up a bunch of lies and sadly roping ECW into it. They are chasing a losing story, noone has done anything willfully illegal.

      • We have not spoken to or gotten any information from a food pantry employee. Please have them contact us though as I welcome any information they might have to further expose matters. I believe your claim that nothing wad done willfully illegal is laughable at best. Just the general ledger entries prove it was willful. How is giving himself an interest free loan not willfully illegal?

      • Is this one of the board members that once was talking to that former food pantry employee ? Sounds like it. The trustee that is still shoplifting? Hey sticky fingers, looking out for the taxpayers means not following the man blindly that treated you like crap until he needed to use you. It was willful. He can’t even keep his lies straight.

        • I’m talking about the same food pantry employee that was fired by a cpa that is on the board yet now teaming up with her to take down the supervisor. Emails are piling up…..stories will be coming out on that whole thing soon. Confirming all info coming from several sources that was friends with certain people from the food pantry are accurate. Some funny. Some serious.

          • What does a CPA firing a person have to do with the Township? Board members do not have the power to fire anyone on their own in the township so what are you saying? Again, please send what documents you have so we can review and get a better understanding of what your saying.

          • Did the cpa fire the person or did the board fire the person. Oh great more emails. Nothing to do with Bill Mayer. He needs to stop deflecting, accept responsibility and resign!