Cahokia Electoral Board Meeting canceled: No Agenda


This morning’s Cahokia Electoral Board Hearing (meeting) was canceled because the board never posted a meeting agenda as required under the Open Meetings Act.

In the video below, you can see the village attorney, Mark Scoggins, explaining the meeting would start at 9:30. When he was finished, I explained to him that there was no agenda posted, and that they could not hold a meeting if there was no agenda posted. He appeared clueless on this requirement.

Out in the hallway, he insisted that “this type” of meeting doesn’t need an agenda.

He clearly misunderstood the Open Meetings Act, and after about 15 minutes, he returned to the meeting room and informed everyone that there was no meeting because of “an issue” that had been raised.

There is a meeting scheduled for Wed, January 2, 2019. Let’s hope they post the agenda in time.


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  1. 13 objections! Seriously! The current council must have lots of issues! Based on the statues I have read, what statue authorizes the village legal counsel to be involved in this hearing? Doesn’t Dillon’s Law apply here?