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April 16, 2024

Wesley Township – Supervisor and certain board members need to resign!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On November 7, 2018

Will Co. (ECWd) –

The Attorney General PAC Office has issued yet another opinion that the Wesley Township Board has violated the Open Meetings Act for multiple reasons.

It is clear from reading the determination letter that every board member that was a party to the meeting in question needs to resign.

Even more disturbing is the fact the Township has refused to respond to the inquiries from the AG PAC office on this matter.  Thumbing their nose at the PAC much as they have done to their own citizens.  They should all resign!

“The Board has not responded to this office’s written requests for copies of the above-mentioned records together with a written response to the allegations in these Requests for Review.”

Just as we said when this event happened, the board’s actions violated the people’s rights.  It is clear the AG PAC office saw this for what it was, a clear violation of the Open Meetings Act.  We contend this was also a Constitutional violation of their first amendment civil rights.

” members of the Board continuously interrupted her by stating that her comments were inappropriate and directed her to address the Board as a whole, which a member of the Board indicated was a part of its rules governing public comment during meetings.”

These repeated interruptions unreasonably interfered with this in.dividual’s statutory right to address Board members.”

The determination letter is a good read for everyone as it clearly outlines the violations and explains why they are violations.  We can think of a few other townships that would do well to read this letter and correct their public comment policy that also violates the OMA.

Again, we ask that all board members involved in this meeting, to include the Supervisor, resign from office!

You can download the determination letter at this link or view below.

Wesley OMA violation confirmation from PAC

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