Rep. Stephanie Kifowit (D) files Motion to expunge death wish comments from record –


Rep Kifowit stated she filed a Motion to expunge her previous death wish comments (watch them here) from the House records. Motion passed.

Rule 51 violations were also discussed (personal attacks) – and the fact the Chair did not gavel the comments when they happened.

A dissent in protest was announced with an invitation for both parties to sign on to the protest.

Rep Peter Breen accepted her apology. Stated that instead of Kifowit’s remarks being met with handcuffs, they were met with applause (by her party) on the House floor.

Both video clips are below:



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  1. How and when does expungement work. Who gets to use it? Why does this woman get to pretend she didn’t threaten a man’s family.

    • It’s called a “Motion to Expunge,” but Rep. Jeanne Ives explained in a comment on someone’s Facebook post that “expunged” is a bit of a misnomer and that that motion does not remove what was said from the record. I believe her word was “chastises” or “chastisement”. The body (the House) essentially disavows the words that were spoken.

      • In the same thread, one of the conservative House members, possibly Rep. Ives again, explained that Rep. Kifowit filed the motion herself because the Republicans were going to do so and it was known to have very widespread bi-partisan support.

  2. Stephanie Kifowit is the paradigm of everything that is wrong in Illinois. Her children and parents must be very proud of her.

  3. Guess that means there won’t be an ethics violation charge. The Demorat controlled state govt operates like a third world banana republic, its shameful the Chair did not gavel the comments when they happened.

  4. If I had said this about my neighbor, I’d be wearing striped jammies. She needs to be arrested for threatening to kill a family. This is why the taxpayers hate all these do nothing clowns who sit there for years to get their hands in our pockets to rob the taxpayers of more money.

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