Dave Kietzmann’s Vermilion Airport Authority resignation letter –


As promised earlier, a copy of Dave Kietzmann’s resignation from the Vermilion County Airport Authority is below.

It should have been taken care of in May, but apparently, the board was perfectly comfortable allowing a usurper as a board member – at least until IDOT got involved.

Keep in mind, IDOT’s involvement is a “last resort” of sorts, for when the Board fails to act according to state law.

Most people can read and understand the Airport Authority Act when it comes to disqualification of Commissioners.

These Commissioners should have simply informed Kietzmann he was no longer a Commissioner.

The Airport Board should seriously consider firing their attorney.

This brings to a close, the article we published in April 2018 entitled, “Vermilion County Regional Airport Authority; 4 of the 5 Commissioners disqualified” – three Commissioners have resigned from the Airport Authority, and one resigned from his conflicted position in Catlin. 


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  1. Even after these law breakers are caught, they continue to posture as if they did nothing wrong. Notice he writes that his resignation is in the best interest of “both” parties, meaning himself and the Commission. Not one mention that it is even more in the interest of the citizens of this State, since it is expressly illegal.

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