Wesley Township violated FOIA according to Attorney General PAC Office

Will Co. (ECWd) –

According to the Attorney General Public Access Counselor (PAC) office, the Wesley Township Clerk has failed to conduct a proper search for records requested and disagreed with the Township’s position that reviewing and identifying records is the creation of new records.

“Accordingly, the Public Access Bureau requests that the Township perform a search of the Township recordkeeping systems— including those maintained by the road commissioner— that are reasonably likely to contain any responsive records, and then issue a supplemental response to Mr. Grant.”

Wesley Township is currently being sued for their failure to respond to our FOIA request.  Information pertaining to that situation can be found at this link.

We stand by our position that Township Clerk Sarah Norton should resign immediately for her clear inability to perform the duties of a Township Clerk.

You can download the PAC determination letter at this link or view below.

PAC ruling on FOIA

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