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May 20, 2024

DuPage Township Supervisor Mayer lied during Oct 9 meeting –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On October 17, 2018


There were so many inaccurate statements, grandstanding, and flat-out lies during the October 9, 2018, DuPage Township Board of Trustees meeting it is difficult to concentrate on any one aspect.

Timeline as the statements occurred can found in the below video.

This meeting starts with 24 excruciating minutes of the Supervisor attempting to examine the former attorney, but he goes completely off the rail with questions from up to 6 years ago, and made other false statements in relation to his invoice. 

00:01:08 – Supervisor attempts to prove something with his questioning of the former Township attorney. He first wanted to know about a Sexual Harassment policy the attorney never drafted (and was not on the invoice in question).

00:06:21 – Now he asks about something from February of 2017 (again, not on the invoice in question). You can clearly see in this section that Mayer is trying to get the attorney to say something that never occurred, in an attempt at covering for something Mayer himself has already been caught doing.

00:08:10 – Mayer asks about a change in compensation of township officers that occurred in 2012 (again, not on the invoice in question). Then accused the attorney of being “very hostile” with the questioning.

00:09:40 – Mayer claims he never received a response from the former attorney, when the truth is he did receive a response – he even read the email in response to his email to the attorney.

00:10:40 – Mayer is complaining about the attorney billing for time spent talking to or responding to township trustees. He starts lying about Trustee Benford’s communications with the attorney, by saying Benford emailed every day or “almost” every single day.

00:16:15 – Mayer, once again, tries disparaging Benford for questions sent to the attorney, that the attorney billed for answering.

00:20:15 – Mayer reviews the current billing invoice, with hours and costs, and asks for Motion to approve paying the invoice. Motion and second to not approve.

00:21:21 – Trustee Benford corrected Supervisor Mayer’s false statements about Benford’s “almost every day” communications with the attorney. Mayer tries cutting her off, and later complains because she made a statement instead of asking a question.

00:23:35 – Motion to not pay the bill failed. New Motion and second made to pay the bill, affirmed by majority of the board – bill paid.

00:29:44 – Mayer made inaccurate statements about the alleged forensic audit.

00:32:35 – This is where they start moving funds to cover for Supervisor Mayer’s misuse of General Assistance funds.

00:45:45 – Supervisor Mayer jumps up on his sixteen-minute soapbox here. Spends several minutes patting himself on the back, and clearly indicating he holds as a premium every unanimous vote of a public board. If the votes are not unanimous, he apparently has problems with the vote. If he wants unanimous votes every time, he should maybe move to North Korea or other similar country where all votes are mandated to be unanimous. He covers from 2011 thru 2017 and is proud that no trustee voted “no” on any Motion the entire six-year period. He is proud of that, but we see a dysfunctional public board because they apparently either have no independent voice, or everything is secretly “worked out” in private; without public knowledge of deliberations.

00:51:35 – Mayer talks about the Bolingbrook Lions Club annual event. He said he made the bar bigger as soon as he became Supervisor because of the long lines at the St. Patricks’ Day Event. He is a Lions Club member. So was his decision to extend the bar, allegedly using public funds, because it would benefit the organization he is a member of? Would he have done that for an organization he was not a member of?

00:52:37 – Starts talking about election things and complained about a comment made to him about someone asking about him running for Mayor of Bolingbrook, and a comment made to him about someone “not wanting his reputation being ruined.”

00:54:50 – Mayer talks about the money given to the Lions Club for the dinner, but fails to answer who actually received the approximately 50 tickets purchased by the township. I ask again, were the tickets purchased because Mayer is a member of that Lions Club?

00:56:50 – Mayer was not honest about what he said Trustee Benford said during a past meeting. Then continues on to make comments about how he is not racist. He starts electioneering now, by calling Benford, a current Candidate for State Representative, a “failed candidate.” She is obviously not a failed candidate – the election is not over…

01:00:53 – After sixteen minutes of bullying, intimidation, and political grandstanding, Supervisor Mayer promised to do his best “to eliminate the culture of intimidation in Bolingbrook politics.” That didn’t last very long, because later in the meeting he proceeded to bully and attempt to intimidate two people wanting to talk during public comment.

01:13:25 – Watchdog Kirk Allen speaks during “Comments from the Press.”

01:15:40 – Members of the Public provide public comment.

01:23:25 – This is where Supervisor Mayer embarrasses himself again by bullying and attempting to intimidate both Kirk Allen and John Kraft in an attempt at keeping them from talking. He rudely and continuously talked over, interrupted, and talked over again both Kraft and Allen, until the current township attorney informed him of the right to provide public comment during a meeting. Apparently he thinks a member of the press cannot be a member of the public.

01:27:10 – Trustee Oliver claims if anything was illegal the police would have already showed up. She is wrong and should probably learn how to read and interpret the Township Code. Meanwhile she apparently refuses to report the illegal acts to those police in order for them to act.

01:28:40 – Trustee Burgess lies (either at this meeting or in response to the FOIA request for the pictures he says he has) and says he has a picture of me with a candidate while receiving a donation check. He is wrong. He has no such picture because no such picture exists.

01:29:23 – Member of the Public, Kirk Allen, talks during public comment, is interrupted by Supervisor Mayer. Later the attorney acknowledges his right to speak and Kirk continues his public comment after informing Supervisor Mayor that violations of the Open Meetings Act are criminal offenses.

It appears, the Township is using the Levy Center for profit, which is something we cannot find permission granted for in the Township Code. Governments are not supposed to be operating for profit. If they are, they are charging too much.

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  • jannie
    Posted at 19:04h, 17 October

    Great, this was very interesting – plus distrubing. How do these people manage to get away with these things!

    • Jon
      Posted at 13:18h, 18 October

      The citizens are not watching or care in knowing what goes on in their communities. Without the WD’s it would
      business as usual for these so called government officials who control the majority of the citizen population. Scary!

      Thank you Kirk and John!

    • Jack
      Posted at 18:05h, 18 October

      They get away with them when people don’t speak out. Trustee Raga and Benford spoke out and they stand up to this guy. That is why those two are being attacked constantly by Mayer’s friends and family. Mayer and his wife are lying on them and doing a lot of things that are just wrong. Does his wife work for the township? She was fighting his battle while he was smiling and videotaping. This is not a joke!

    • Jack
      Posted at 00:08h, 19 October

      They are not getting away with this. Two trustees have spoken out and are challenging this foolishness.

  • Jon
    Posted at 19:10h, 17 October

    Both John and Kirk have nailed this guy. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    What’s the relationship with this guy and the mayor of Bolingbrook?

    • Tt
      Posted at 07:56h, 18 October

      None. He is not in the mayor’s side. He has also changed sides and is working with the socialists of Bolingbrook United through the communist Attorney Joe Giamanco.

  • Richard Perna II
    Posted at 13:03h, 18 October

    Thanks for taking the video. The Township attorney’s file seems much larger since the last video! He must have a lot of issues to deal with. I wonder how much longer he will want to deal with this mess of a Township.

    • Jack
      Posted at 00:06h, 19 October

      The attorney will stay around as long as he gets paid. This is an attorney’s dream, unlimited legal billing and an incompetent supervisor. I just wish he would answer a question and stop dodging the board’s questions. He continues to say “ he can’t speak to what happened before he was hired.” Based on what I see online. Illegal spending is still going on in General Assistance. What township code says the board can spend money on parades? Is that why they had the academy award performances, at the board meeting last month so no one would ask “why was the township in two parades, Illegally?” The new Attorney has nothing to say? Nope he was originally hired to represent only the supervisor. Guess he is still doing that

  • Richard Perna II
    Posted at 13:42h, 18 October

    I have a question: during the public comments, someone asked if they will be collecting the money back from the illegal GA spendings and the Supervisor comment was “we are talking about doing a lawsuit” — who could they possibly sue for that? Could they sue the Township Clerk for signing off on everything? Is that why she is resigning?

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 18:08h, 18 October

      I think they are dumb enough to try suing the previous attorney for what the current Supervisor did.

      • Jack
        Posted at 00:00h, 19 October

        Who is “they”? If the township board wastes tax dollars to sue the former attorney because the Supervisor went Rogue, that would be insane? Is anyone bonded and insured? Who signs the checks? I heard the former attorney commented that he told the supervisor the charity relationship was an issue. He was rude to the attorney as well. Didn’t one of the trustees point out that things were being withheld from the attorney, auditor and board? Why should the taxpayers have to keep paying for this incompetent Supervisor?

      • Jack
        Posted at 04:35h, 20 October


        Did you and Kirk see the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting? Now Mayer wants an ordinance for public comments because you and Kirk refused to let him bully you at the last meeting. Why the hell ar we paying legal fees for her personal issues. Speaking of personal, rumor has it that his divorce case from years ago was reopened and he seems to have a lot of cases from creditors. This is all public record so I don’t think I’m saying anything I shouldn’t. But how do we know that this attorney isn’t jacking up the fees to the township just to cover his personal legal bills? Hell it looks like the tax dollars already pay for his campaigns. I guess when he gets caught again, his wife will fight his battles saying “yea illegal, whatever”. I heard rumors he was dishonest, appears to be true. Disappointed.. Hopefully more of his victims will come forward and he will just resign, but he has that narcissistic personality that won’t left him do anything that is not self serving

  • Jack
    Posted at 00:14h, 19 October

    Does Christine Mayer work for the township? Why was she doing all of the talking and the supervisor was smiling and videotaping? He apparently isn’t taking his job seriously. And Christine’s FOIA’s are responded to but no one else receives responses. I’m not surprised, I heard about her character and behavior before they were married. She was quite generous and giving to “certain people” in the community. If anyone has a conflict, it’s her because of her past relationships with “certain people”. Keep fighting for the taxpayers and help those board members that are fighting too. It’s about the taxpayers !!!!

  • Jack
    Posted at 00:33h, 19 October

    Would it be wrong to call Christine Mayer, Patty Blagovich, or is that an insult to Patty? She couldn’t keep her own lies straight. And then she just started attacking one of the trustees. Let me guess, is it someone that doesn’t agree with her husband. I can’t kwep up with Patty… I mean Christine. I am a bit offended that she didn’t seem to care that the money her husband illegally spent was intended for the poor. She didn’t even say he would pay it back. She was like “inappropriate, Illegal, whatever”. She is mad at others for not agreeing and supporting his careless behavior. Heck Rod didn’t steal from the poor. He even had higher standards.