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DuPage Township official lied about photographs –


During the October 9, 2018, DuPage Township Board of Trustees meeting, Trustee Burgess, and later followed by Supervisor Mayer, stated that they had photographs of me standing with a political candidate, holding a donation check.

Burgess said he had a picture of me receiving a check from a candidate, Mayer said who he thought the picture was with.

Kirk Allen submitted a Freedom of Information Act request for a copy of all photographs of any candidate giving a check to the Edgar County Watchdogs, Kirk Allen, or John Kraft. Of course, we already knew there were no photographs because it never happened.

It was no big surprise, then, when the Township replied that “no such records exist.”

Q:  If no such records exist, why did both Burgess and Mayer state during the meeting that they had those photographs?

A:  They lied.

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  1. John I saw the facebook exchange about this article. I love how the person just didn’t want to accept two words. “they lied”. I was at the citizens watchdog training and I know a former employee gave boxes of records. I am hoping this comes to an end soon, but Bill and his wife are the definition of Narcissist. They both earned the gold, 14 out of 14 on this test. https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/14-signs-of-narcissism

    • Only one person could have been that person that left with a box of records and I sure hope that the officials see your post. This would be enough ammunition to sue that former employee for theft of government records.

  2. Maybe at the next meeting they should invite the fire department. Liar, liar, pants on fire..

    • Looks like the political careers of Supervisor Mayer and his sidekick Burgess are about to go up in flames.

  3. If you’re into Halloween and scary stuff…this should be right up your alley. This is the worst. The very government officials we as voters: have trusted: and should be able to trust: have now morphed into devious, diabolical, deceitful, underhanded, scheming, liars.

    There is great reason to fear these township “officials”, for the lies and fake news they are so willing to tell. YOU could be next. They could accuse you of breaking the law, have you arrested, jailed, cause the loss of your job and drive you into bankruptcy with the lies they tell. False tales and outright lies designed to destroy those who speak the truth and expose them for what they are.
    There isn’t a jail in this country bad enough to put these outlaws in.

  4. Wow…. being a liar used to be a shameful thing, I am shocked at how some people make a career out of being a liar.

  5. Of course they lied. It has been my experience that then if that information gets in the newspaper it is “fact” and doesn’t get corrected. Public officials can pretty much say what they want without fact — just to support what they want.

    • And that is exactly what Bill, Christine and Ken have been doing. That Maripat, she is all over the place. Do you all remember when Bill did the same thing to that lady that used to work at the food pantry. I think she had known him for over 20 years and he turned on her just like he did Trustee Benford and Raga. Maybe she challenged him too. How are you friends for years and then enemies in a day. He is apparently the issue, the common demonimator. You know what they say, “a thousand flies ain’t wrong about the same shit.”

      • How specifically did Mayer turn on the food pantry employee? She got fired and she turned on him because he wouldn’t allow her to continue stealing from the food pantry and house an illegal non-profit out of a government building…..so I have heard. And Benford is the one that fired the food pantry woman. Bill didn’t even want to do it, Benford pushed for it, ask Sheldon. And how specifically did Bill turn on Benford and Raga? Seems the other way to me. They are part of the majority that fired Linda without even talking to Bill or Ken. They decided to divide the board, not Bill or Ken. You have your facts wrong as usual, you know you lie……even a judge told you that!