Country Club Hills Fire Department – $11,213,000.00 Sexual harassment judgement!

Cook Co. (ECWd) –

We said it in January in our first article on Country Club Hills Fire department, a ruling against them is coming in what we saw as the most disgusting and unprofessional behavior we have ever seen in a public body.

This case is worthy of every person involved in the conduct exposed and attempted coverup being terminated for cause. For those in Cook County, they should be screaming for the State’s Attorney to bring criminal charges for the matters discovered in this case.

A Cook County Judge issued his ruling in the Sexual Harassment case brought against the Fire Department to the tune of $11,213,000.00 in favor of the Plaintiff.

  • In favor of the Plaintiff’s claim of gender discrimination.
  • In favor of the Plaintiff’s claim of sexual harassment.
  • In favor of the Plaintiff’s claim of retaliation.
  • Value of time, earnings, and salaries lost – $78,000.00
  • Value of time, earnings and salaries reasonably certain to be lost in the future – $1,085,000.00
  • Compensatory damages – $2,000,000.00
  • Emotional harm and mental suffering – $8,000,000.00
  • Counseling expenses – $50,000.00

Total Judgment entered October 29 – $11,213,000.00

Court documents point to a history of sexually related matters taking place in the firehouse to include a past chief investigating nonconsensual physical contact with a minor that resulted in him telling the one alleged to have done that to either retire or he will be fired.  See page 2 of the court filings at this link.

The court records at this link outline the efforts the Fire Department went to in order to suppress the specific pornographic websites certain members were viewing. Some of the records on this point are so disgusting we are not going to publish them.

You can view previous articles exposing key matters involved in this case at this link.

You can download the order at this link or view below.

Country Club Hills Judement

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  1. “WTF! ” That was after just beginning to read the fifty-eight page court report. Upon finishing, all I can say is, “oh, my!”. There just are no superlatives to describe the disgust you are left with after reading the incidentals of the case. I will forever look askant at ALL firefighters. Robert is right: To add to the horror of this nightmare, the taxpayers are NOT responsible, yet they will be punished.

  2. The problem with this is the guilty parties are not the ones that have to pay. Taxpayers are on the hook for the misdeeds of others.

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