City of Carlinville

Attorney Dan Schuering used illegitimate company to invoice Paxton, IL. –


Attorney Dan P. Schuering has been contracting with several municipalities across Illinois, under the name of “Municipal Consulting Group, LTD” – which is a corporation that is dissolved.

We urge each public body who may receive an invoice from this “company” to refuse payment.

In response to a public records request from the City of Paxton, Illinois, we observed a billing invoice for alleged work performed in the months following Municipal Consulting Group’s involuntary dissolution (which, incidentally, followed even more months of not being in compliance).

Schuering’s most recent invoice is dated August 13, 2018, and includes billing for $5,000.00 described as a “TIF Administration Fee” which was performed after the Secretary of State involuntarily Dissolved this company.

What are some of the reasons the Secretary of State will dissolve a Corporation [805 ILCS 180/35-25]?

  • refusal to provide interrogatories
  • misrepresentations on applications, forms, reports affidavits, etc
  • payments to Sec of State returned for insufficient funds
  • failure to file required reports

So essentially, the company with which the City of Paxton has a written agreement with has been dissolved and is no longer a legitimate company, but this attorney keeps performing work and invoicing under the illegitimate company’s alleged name.

PAXTON FOIA Response - Kraft 8-21-18 #1

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