Parkinson lied to Madison County Board –


Madison County Board member Michael Parkinson claimed IT Director, Rob Dorman, “purchased tobacco and rolling papers” using a county credit card during a Chicago area conference earlier this year.

We looked into his claim and found there was absolutely no purchase of rolling papers.

There was, however, a $34.73 purchase on May 5th for tobacco. We found the Madison County Auditor confirmed the charge was reversed (refunded) on May 9th, well before the credit card bill arrived at the county. The Auditor’s May 16th handwritten note explained the charge was reversed because “customer used wrong card.”

Let’s hope double dipper Parkinson performs better as an on-duty Granite City Police Officer than as a board member.


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  1. There are a number of articles that have been written about credit card abuses in Madison County and to date no one this has been investigated or charged for their part in this. See this article Staff Report Published 11:53 am CST, Friday, February 26 2016 by the Telegraph news paper atwww.thetelegraph.com/news/article/Prenzler-Dunstan-trade-shots-over-misuse-of-12603453.php

  2. This was good reporting, why is this board member focusing so hard on what is no mare than a trivial none issue, since it was immediately caught by Mr. Dorman. Perhaps this might shed some light on the subject, there was a pattern of regular abuse by the last administration that went completely ignored by the ‘prosecutorial discretion’ of law enforcement. https://madisonrecord.com/stories/511017160-prenzler-again-calls-out-opponent-over-issue-of-credit-card-use

  3. seems there is still an issue that the employee used the card inappropriately on May 5 to purchase the tobacco, regardless if the funds were refunded. I believe you have criticized officials for using gov’t card and writing a check to cover the personal charges, they should never use gov’t card for personal purchases in the first place.

    • we criticize them when we find it to be a recurring event for them. this reversal of the charge long before the bill arrived, and the auditor’s note, confirm this to be a one-time event that was rectified as soon as the credit card user noticed

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