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July 13, 2024

Madison Co. Board Member Parkinson should worry about what Granite City PD is doing, not what we are doing –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On August 16, 2018


Towards the end of last night’s Madison County Board meeting, Board Member and Granite City Police Officer Michael Parkinson spoke about what he thought we should be looking into instead of the Fosterburg Water District.

He failed to ask us to look into his alleged conflict of interest in settling a lawsuit against the county in which he received Attorney fees, and was paid for those Attorney fees in violation of state law. (read it here)

He failed to ask us to look into what his employer, the Granite City Police Department was doing with the High School Girls Dance Team and some racy photographs during a photo shoot that was taken of them with a Granite City police vehicle.

Why did he leave that one out?

Read this:

FOX-2 News (click here for the article)

Photo from the screencap of FOX-2 News article

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  • J. Walsh
    Posted at 21:04h, 17 August Reply

    It’s difficult to comprehend how – in this day and age, with all of the sexual predators of school-age females having been documented – why a school district would have approved of the dance team uniforms. Today’s society rightfully makes a cry for not objectifying women and especially vulnerable young women / teens…and then we see (1) a team of high school age girls flitting about in such short skirts / uniforms (condoned & approved by school officials) that if those skirts were to rise any higher, they’d all have a couple of more cheeks to powder and (2) the female coach and a police officer think it’s cute to have those girls pose in such a suggestive manner while wearing those skirts. I’m not accusing anyone involved in this deal of being a perp but when I first saw the photos I thought, “Man, I would be a little bit uncomfortable about being a part of that photo shoot, setting it up, or publishing or promoting it for fear of being suspected of, or labeled, a perp – or at the least – a creep.” It’s almost akin to sexual exploitation for the sake of what apparently a few people thought was mere “cuteness.”

  • Cass Clements (@cassclements)
    Posted at 05:33h, 02 September Reply

    It is difficult to fathom how the Granite City Police were willing participants and complicit in the making of these photo’s. The coach and team had more than just the Granite City Police’s permission, the Granite City Police provided the vehicle and were present when these photo’s were taken.

    They stood by and observed these immoral photo’s being made of these kids who are to young by legal standards to give a valid consent to these photo’s. Not to mention the known fact that the wife of the currently elected State’s Attorney (acting Prosecutor) for Madison County happens to also be a current Granite City Police Officer.

    For that reason alone (and for her sake) Granite City Police should have at least made some kind of statement, if not at least a statement denouncing these acts that took place in #Illinois just over the river within the Greater ST. Louis area.

    Especially since the State’s Attorney, his wife and children all live in the Granite City area.
    This immoral photo shoot was a real disgrace, but only for those involved in the photo shoot.
    There are many good Police in the #Metro area that were in no way involved with this photo shoot.

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