Former Wesley Twp Road Commissioner John Norton falsely calls citizen a pedophile in Township Building –


There must be something in the water in the Wesley Township Building.

First, Township Trustee Kathleen Kennedy gets sued for telling people a resident FOIA requester is a pedophile when she is not (read about it here).

Now, the former Wesley Township Road Commissioner, John Norton, was caught with his daughter in the secure clerk’s room of the township building with a camera, and while scurrying to leave the building decides to call the person filming him a pedophile (when he is not one), and called him that more than once and in front of the current Road Commissioner.

I can smell another lawsuit coming….

I sure hope he has a phat wallet.

See the video below:

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  1. I fail to comprehend how such classless people continue to be elected to represent the masses. Equally confounding, is how foolishly these elected officials behave when they’re under the microscope – or more specifically – in front of a camera and microphone. One could reasonably assume that they simply revert to conduct that represents their normal stress response. Pathetic.

    • Because the vote are probably not real or tallied truthfully. IF that kind of nasty behavior is how a public official acts in a public building do u really think they’re truthful about anything else.

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