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May 29, 2024

McHenry Co. Chairman Jack Franks letter to Algonquin Township is a lie –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On July 12, 2018

McHenry County, IL. (ECWd) –

When we used the term “lie” in the title, we define it as providing a written document (via email) with language purporting to have the support of those who are listed at the bottom of the letter. This letter lied about having Rep. Skillicorn’s support.

McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks, in an attempt at garnering more publicity for himself and conveniently ignoring the actions of the disgraced former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller, sent a letter (as published on McHenry County Blog) purporting to be signed and supported by himself and Illinois State Representative Allen Skillicorn.

According to Rep. Skillicorn, Jack Franks delivered the letter without making the changes Skillicorn demanded after reading the draft.

The draft included Andrew Gasser by name and references to the current road commissioner – both of which Skillicorn asked to be removed from the letter. Jack Franks caused delivery of the letter with Gasser’s name removed, but left in the parts about the current road commissioner (which is Gasser).

While both Jack Franks and Allen Skillicorn support dissolving the road district into the township, Franks apparently supports the corrupted Miller political machine, while Skillicorn supports activities directed at holding Miller accountable and a forensic audit of the former road commissioner’s books.

Franks issued the letter making it appear that Gasser was the problem and the reason to vote in favor of dissolution, and included Skillicorn as a signatory to bolster the letter’s effect.

In response to a request for comment, Rep. Skillicorn provided the following statements:

The letter was Jack Franks idea. I received a draft which called out Gasser by name. I asked for that to be removed and for current commissioner to be removed. I also shared it with Gasser. I support consolidating the Highway Department. Bob Miller created these problems, not Gasser. I support a forensic audit and Miller being held accountable by law enforcement. Bob Miller, his family, and all the politicians supporting him are a menace to taxpayers. The list of politicians supporting him are here:

Andrew Gasser, the current Algonquin Township Road Commissioner supports this dissolution and asked the question be placed on the November ballot, however, only one township trustee was in support of letting the voters decide the question. The other three trustees and supervisor acted as cowards and would not even support a second to the motion which would then lead to a vote.  A vote tells the public their position as the way it stand’s now they can simply say there was no vote either way. Rather than following parliamentarian procedure they chose to share their thoughts in advance of any motion.  When a motion for the action was presented, they sat silent and did nothing, causing the motion to die, thus no vote.  Such cowardice strips the public from their vote.

Questions we believe Jack Franks should answer is why has he not sent the same type of letter to every other Township in the County?  Is it possible he sees his political supporter, 150 Union, facing a potential major loss in the Algonquin court case?  If Franks really supported the actions he called for then he should be calling for it countywide in our opinion.

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