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May 19, 2024

Atlanta Library District Board accepts resignation of Trustee –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On June 17, 2018


The third resignation this year came from Angie Harrison. During their June 14, 2018, regular meeting, the Atlanta Public Library District Board of Trustees accepted the resignation of Library Trustee Angie Harrison.

Harrison’s resignation is dated effective April 13, 2018 – it is unclear as to why it took 60 days to accept the resignation, but at least they accepted it.

She resigned citing “job responsibilities” and made it clear she thinks the board can do no wrong and basically encourages the board to keep shafting the public whenever they feel the desire.

Click the link to read her resignation (here).

Additionally, the board appointed a replacement to Bill Thomas’s resigned position from February 2018. That only took four months, so much for the Library District Act’s “Vacancies shall be filled forthwith.” [75 ILCS 16/30-25(b)] –  Forthwith means immediately; without delay – but what does a pesky little state law mean to these people anyway?

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1 Comment
  • Twisted APL Board
    Posted at 06:27h, 18 June

    It is my opinion this board couldn’t rdo the rght thing if it bit them in the ass. Hmmm! I heard from someone at the meeting the other night that some interesting information was revealed. To bad it wasn’t video taped. Evidently their is a credit card that can be checked out by the taxpayers for all sorts of indescrestions. I hope the watch dogs write an article on all the ways a taxpayer paid credit card can be used. It also sounds like Someone not only needs to resign from the library board but the church board as well. Does their spouse know about all this? I’m thinking this board might be thumbing their nose at the watch dogs right now. Not a smart idea in my opinion because if I were a betting person, there is much more to come! Isn’t using a taxpayer credit card for personal use a felony? Even if you pay it back it’s still a felony! So go to the library today and check out that credit card and let us know what fun you had! If the library board is having this much fun on the taxpayers dime can you only imagine how much fun the City of Atlanta is having? You do realize their is a common denominator their as well