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May 28, 2024

Algonquin Township Board & Clerk – “Budget Busters”

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On June 4, 2018

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –

While the Algonquin Township Board has injected themselves into the Road Districts Budget, is it fair to ask why they blew their own budget?

The 2017-2018 legal budget, before any amendment, totaled $25,000.00 for the Township, $18,000.00 for the Assessor, and $2,500.00 for the Clerk.  Total Township legal budget, $45,500.00

It appears the Township Board paid little attention to their legal spending, much like they ignored Bob Millers spending.  Legel expenditures prior to the amended budget we pointed out in this article, totaled $96,672.25 on legal bills.

How does one legally spend more than twice their budgeted amount?

The Clerk’s legal bills paid up to the point of the amended budget in January reflects $55,275.00 for legal expense and $351.08 for delinquency charges. For the curious minds, that is 22.11 times the amount of her legal budget of $2,500.00

Nevermind, this is Algonquin Township where real laws have no meaning.

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  • tom Mathews
    Posted at 15:01h, 04 June Reply

    For several weeks I have been reading with great interest, reports from, Cal Skinner McHenry County Blog, and the newspapers concerning the Algonquin Road District and Bob & Anna Miller.
    All the reports and articles would imply that this is an isolated and uncommon problem recently observed and exposed. On the contrary, this problem and type of operation and loose procedures has existed for decades, I repeat for decades, in many agencies, offices throughout Illinois and elsewhere.
    The township type of Government was designed and put into operation decades ago to fulfill many purposes as our prairie lands were occupied and grew.
    Services were established and grew as necessary to fulfill the needs of the population to provide for the existence, livelihood, protection and comfort for all equally.
    The Township form of Government served a purpose for many decades, however as the needs grew, as the needs changed, values and circumstances changed; the old customs and procedures also needed to be changed. Unfortunately, many who were receiving a livelihood in supervising and working in the various agencies, were reluctant to pursue any change that would omit their job and compensation.
    For decades there were many organizers, supervisors and work for Township agencies to provide services of labor and material beyond the amount of compensation available. Many workers were family members and neighbors who volunteered to provide necessary services. Some citizen’s referred these generous acts as representing a Midwestern culture of friendship and kindness in supporting the “Golden Rule”.
    Unfortunately, a small but influential and controlling few were reluctant to give up the lifestyle, income, power and position that they had been enjoying and allegedly pursued unethical and illegal actions, also known as corruption.
    It is alleged that while 90% of our citizens are believed to be intelligent, honest, law abiding and supporting the “golden rule” that there are at least 10% in a controlling position of influence, power, prestige and having the ability to render revenge and coercion of their fellow citizens, to have gained power over the 90%.
    It is extremely sad to report the hypocrisy of the 10% of those pursuing evil when it becomes known that they were allegedly, educated in schools of faith where scholars, theologians, Priests & brothers, Nuns in schools and in Universities provided a superior education with emphasis on ethics in support of a guide to live to be a good citizen. It is both unconscionable and unbelievable that these citizens should abandon their faith to follow a life of corruption. The adverse effects are horrendous and should be investigated under the definitions, of cannibalism, assassination, and several of the definitions included in the exhibit “definitions”.

    With reference to Bob & Anna Miller, and the Algonquin Road District operation, it is alleged, that for the benefit of the citizens, that their operation was that of a family. As such, it is alleged that the record keeping could be loose, but having the support of the family members and valued employees capable of performing any duties or work necessary in an emergency, 24/7, was a serious benefit to the Road District citizens.
    In a family type atmosphere it is often times difficult to evaluate a division of time. This is certainly true when this type of operation must be available 24/7 when needed for weather conditions, road conditions, accidents and emergency situations.
    While having a base salary, for a normal prescribed work schedule, one must use their best judgment to establish additional compensation concerning the additional obligations plus time involved in fulfilling the obligations of the job.
    Allegedly, it is of the utmost importance to acknowledge and further investigate the sea of corruption in which both elected and appointed officials must operate here, in McHenry County. Allegedly, the corruption, serious corruption can be found in the County Board. While many members of the County boards are honest, intelligent and held in high respect, it is unfortunate that some members pursue special agendas, which allegedly may deprive their fellow citizens of their Constitutional Rights plus the right to receive justice.
    Allegedly, the McHenry County judiciary system, while having some superb and honest Judges, delivering service above their compensation, it is unfortunate that a few Judges have exhibited prejudice and incompetent management of cases. It is hypercritical that the system allows these Judges to continue in office. Again, allegedly it is requested that the US Department of Justice together with the US Attorney General, the FBI and the IRS convene a Taskforce to investigate the judicial system in Illinois from the Supreme Court at the top to the local Court to identify any unethical or illegal behavior in sponsorship’s, appointments and support of anyone violating their oath of office, and the intent and purpose of that office to protect the Constitutional Rights and allow justice to all citizens equally. This is very important as allegedly there are a huge amount of reports of sponsorship’s and appointments by unethical and illegal actions.
    It is my experience and opinion that Anna Miller, as a county Board Member, may have been influenced or coerced in performing her duties. Allegedly, other Board Members may have been coerced by their fellow Board Members.
    Unfortunately, everyone in McHenry County has been subject to operating and surviving in a sea of corruption. While some citizens have been able to float along others have been targeted by “sharks” who feed on one victim after another. When will this all stop?
    Allegedly, the Miller and Algonquin Township situation should be a wakeup call to alert all citizens that the present situation is only a pebble at the foot of a huge mountain of corruption.
    Allegedly, in reviewing all the reports, although the “Miller operation” may be described as a “loose family affair”, it was not reported that the Miller’s did an inadequate job in maintaining the roads and drainage and all the Township roads they were responsible for. No reports of poor performance.

  • Cindy
    Posted at 15:04h, 04 June Reply

    Ask Kenneally. He seems to have all the answers.

  • 1mmf27
    Posted at 21:20h, 04 June Reply

    Allegedly, “no reports of poor performance”
    Let me guess, you’re related to the crooks, right?

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