Algonquin Township

Algonquin Township Road District – Bob Miller/Party

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –

Taxpayers of Algonquin, the party was on your dime and paid for with May 2017 bills for the Road District.

I wonder what Road District public business this was tied to just two weeks before leaving office?

Sometimes words are not needed.

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  1. It sounds like a “going away party”, it also seems like these invoices have to be approved by “someone” to get reimbursed. I would think this sort of thing would be illegal.

  2. So I’m curious, how long was this guy the road commissioner? It sounds like he worked for the township as a laborer prior to becoming the road commissioner

    • It was a dynasty, Watching. Somewhere around forty- five years if you consider his Father was in that seat before him.

      • So he bullied his way around. This is exactly why we need term limits. If has been in office that long then I’m sure the taxpayers have footed a much larger bill than what has been presented thus far by the watchdogs. So is he related to Mike Madigan?

  3. I need an attorney. I want to personally sue this party for stealing my hard earned money and tossing it away wantonly. While I have to watch my pennies just to be able to eat because I cannot afford the exorbitant taxes, I find I have been swindled by this party.

  4. how nice for the generous millers. Seizing from us is a good example to seize from the family-and start with the clothes-they’re naked anyway.

  5. I’m at a loss for words. This is just blatant abuse. I’m surprised there wasn’t any alcohol listed. Or is that on yet another receipt? This guys hole is so deep he better start making plans to move into a new residence that is surrounded by fencing and bars. I’m still amazed that the trustees and supervisor allowed this to go on for so long. They deserve to be charged as well. If not the citizens should sue them civilly. Or maybe they were benefiting from the taxpayers as well so they there was no incentive to say anything. Has this been looked into? Was the supervisor and trustees doing the same thing?

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