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April 24, 2024

Algonquin Township Road District – Anna May Miller – Pay during vacation not adding up?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On May 28, 2018

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –

The featured photo for this article is one of many we captured from the online vacation pictures of the Miller’s family trip to Florida for a cruise. Pictures have what is called metadata, detailed information embedded in each picture taken.

The main page of their vacation portfolio showed vacation dates of March 24 – March 31, 2017 (8 days).   The metadata in the pictures we captured match the posted dates.

The Road District payroll records provided by the Township reflect a pay period of March 23 – April 4th, 2017.

Applying the 8 days of vacation, there is only 1 non-vacation day during the first pay cycle, March 23, 2017.  That leaves April 1, 2017 – April 5, 2017, (5 days), as non-vacation days of which two of those days fell on a weekend.

Upon confirming what we believe to be possible payroll theft of funds, we took our information to the authorities.

Anna May Miller’s pay for this two week period reflects 80 hrs of regular time and 9 hrs of overtime.  Keep in mind, they could not get overtime until they hit 40 hrs in a pay cycle, which means the 9 hrs of claimed overtime had to have come from the second week in this pay period. Considering Anna May was on vacation all but 1 day of the first pay cycle, the most that should have been claimed is 8 hrs for that day before vacation, assuming that was not the day she flew.  If she flew to Florida on that day the problem could be bigger.

The second pay cycle only has 3 workdays in it and one weekend (2 days).  Knowing how dedicated Anna May was to her job, (that’s sarcasm as we have no clue how dedicated she was), let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she worked all of those 5 days, which included a weekend and a day after vacation.  We all want to go right back to work on a Friday right after 8 days of vacation and a day of travel back from Florida….NOT!

She received 9hrs of overtime.  This could have only been earned from the second week of this pay cycle.

  • 1st pay cycle – 8 hrs of regular pay potential- maximum. (on vacation all other days) 
  • 2nd pay cycle – 40 hrs of regular pay potential – maximum because anything after that is over time.
  • Maximum pay assuming every possible day she was not on vacation was worked, 48 hrs regular pay, plus overtime which was recorded as 9 hrs. 

With only 48 hrs of potential regular pay possible, how does one earn 80 hrs of pay?  The 9 hrs of claimed overtime could have only come from the second pay cycle since it is not permitted until 40 hrs are worked according to policy, thus it had to have been from the second pay period in that pay cycle.

How does one get paid for 80 hrs of pay during a period where they are out of the state and country for at least 8 days, leaving a maximum of 6 working days that include a weekend?

There is only one argument we could come up with that would support so many hours while out of the state and country.

She worked while on vacation and logged her time on her time cards?

While we would love to compare time cards to the payroll record we have, we can’t since the Township refuses to give them up, even though we know they exist.

Of interest in this matter is the fact the very web pages with photos we referenced during our meeting with the authorities have all been scrubbed and it was done within 24hrs of our meeting. They were the only people we shared this info with.  If they questioned those responsible for bookkeeping, payroll, or writing checks, it would appear they got scrubbed because they knew it was damning evidence.  If they have not been questioned, why would the Miller’s scrub ALL their vacation trips from their Google photo page?  When I say ALL, they scrubbed previous vacation photos as well.  It’s OK though, we have captured it all in anticipation of such action.

We do not know who managed payroll for the Township Road District, other than the Supervisor signs checks and the Board is supposed to audit those payments. We have been told it was Anna May but have not been able to confirm that as fact.

Since the township refuses to give us the time cards, we can’t answer all the questions that may arise from this exposure.  We only know the records provided and the evidence from photos we have captured tell us the math does not add up.

If Anna May makes the claim she worked while on vacation and that is how all this math would add up, there is just one more problem with such a claim.

The payroll records do not reflect any vacation time during this period? 

Have they come up with a way to not burn up vacation time all while going on vacation? 

One would think if you were on vacation for 8 days out of the state and country the records would reflect the use of those days on the payroll cycle.  Not the case with Anna May Miller’s March 2017 vacation trip.

Stay tuned for the next update on how vacation payouts in violation of the policy will be something the taxpayers get to pay for as long as those recipients are collecting retirement.

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  • Jannie
    Posted at 13:30h, 28 May

    Thanks for keeping up on this. This is beginning to sound like a novel… mystery, suspense, exotic travel 🙂

  • Angie
    Posted at 13:33h, 28 May

    I just love how these governments refuse to give up records when asked for them. I wonder if Algonquin officials have now instructed their law enforcememt officers to monitor the Edgar County Watchdogs if they show up in Algonquin? I was reading something on the Citizen Advocacy Center of Elmhurst, IL website about FOIA requesters being investigated by governments that they tried to get information from, as if using the FOIA is some kind of suspicious activity or something. If the Watchdogs ever spot Algonquin police seeming to watch them when doing political activism in that Township, they should post the photo/video evidence sometime. Show the public how government corruption reformers are treated.

    I noticed that after an activist FOIA’d the suburban Village of Oak Brook, whose current Village Manager Riccardo Ginex is a former cop who apparently couldn’t get along with the then Mayor of Downers Grove in a past job…

    ….that coincidentally, the Oak Brook Police were dispatched to show up and stare down the political activists at the Oak Brook Public Library. It’s a public library; you don’t send your police department to behave as if they are intimidating visitors who have pending FOIA requests by staring them down as they come and go from the library. This behavior strongly appears to reasonable persons as a method of harassment via unlawful surveillance of non criminal civilians with clean records who just happen to be seeking info via the FOIA.

    Maybe Edgar County Watchdogs should mosey their FOIA investigations on over to suburban Oak Brook, IL (with a rather interesting past history of alleged harassment of political activists) and see what they might uncover over there? Especially since the current Village Manager is a former cop and Oak Brook cops just seem to mysteriously show up whenever FOIA requesters send FOIA requests using the Oak Brook Public Library public computers. Maybe Oak Brook Center should be boycotted? After all, it is an unsafe place to shop. There was recently a carjacking at 9:30 AM-ish in broad daylight at that mall. And when FOIA’d for all records of incidents the Oak Brook Police responded to, they sent back a response that it would be unduly burdensome because during the time period of the request, they responded to 3000 or so incidents. 3000 incidents??? And yet they have the time and resources to show up to stare down visitors to the Oak Brook Public Library who just happen to be seeking information about whether or not this police department has purchased Stingray devices? Is this a wise use of Oak Brook tax dollars, to behave as if you are monitoring the comings and goings of non criminal political activists with clean records who are visiting the public library to lawfully request info via the Freedom of Information Act?

    What, pray tell, is Riccardo Ginex’s village so afraid nosey FOIA requesters are going to uncover? PRAY TELL. Or ANY of these governments for that matter.

    Seeking public records is lawful behavior. No government should be dispatching their local police to watch activists when they visit that locality. I do wonder if Algonquin, too, is currently monitoring the Edgar County Watchdogs as well. If so, it would be a disgrace. If caught doing this, do post the photo/video evidence online. Expose it. And keep up the excellent work holding the powerful accountable!

  • Cindy
    Posted at 15:58h, 28 May

    Scrubbed. A word taken right out of the deep state playbook. Here’s another to look forward to hearing a lot. Subterfuge. Another great word used in following the footprints of many a swamp-dweller.