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April 16, 2024

Algonquin Township Attorney billing for calling/speaking with “prospective” Moderator before one was even nominated for 2017 Annual Township meeting

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On April 27, 2018

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –

Reviewing legal bills sent to the Township we identified that the Algonquin Township attorney billed the Township for calling a prospective moderator, Karen Lukasik, April 10th, 2017, one day before the Annual Meeting of the Township Electors.

“Apr-10-17    Call prospective moderator K. Luksik  .50″

We contend there was more than just a call as the billing was for a half hour of time.  That amount of time would indicate more than just a call and more than likely an actual conversation.

The billing reflects matters related to the 2017 Annual Township meeting which is a meeting of the Electors.  During that annual township meeting it is the Electors that are in charge.  Part of the process for conducting the Annual meeting is for the electors to nominate and vote for the selection of a Moderator.   Based on the billing and the fact that Lukasik was in fact nominated and selected as Moderator, according to the minutes, points to this selection being organized in advance and at the cost of the taxpayers.

With so much focus on legal bills, we must ask, under what authority is this attorney billing the Township for talking with an elector in advance of the meeting?  An elector that at the time of the billing had not even been nominated.

We find it very odd that a Township Attorney is speaking with an elector and even billing for those conversations in advance of any actual election to the position of moderator.

One could argue that such billing was inappropriate.

attorney billing for moderator selection


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