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May 18, 2024

Illinois Governor Campaign takes politics to a new low

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On March 8, 2018

Illinois (ECWd) –

Governor Rauner is spending millions misrepresenting and lying about his opponent Jeannie Ives, a West Point graduate and three-term Republican State Representative. In that race, the lies were so bad that even the Chicago Tribune called out the Governor for lying about her.

“The governor twisted her words from a debate the two had before the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board. I was there. She crushed him in that one.”  (John Kass – Chicago Tribune) 

The title of the article after that debate:  “Ives crushes Rauner in Tribune governor debate”.   Since most of us downstaters don’t get the Chicago Tribune, we urge everyone to watch the video in the article linked above as you will see how clueless Rauner is on Policy and see for yourself where his lies came from. 

A real indicator of character is how a person deals with known problems. If Rauner truly believes a single thing in his campaign ads about Jeannie Ives, can he explain why has been silent about those issues for the last three years?  The answer is he knows none of what he says about her is true.  If it was, why hasn’t he pushed to have her primaried out as a State Representative as he has done with others?

We urge voters to be informed!

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