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July 13, 2024

Erika Harold should decline to attend Coles County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner and demand its racist GOP Chairman resign –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On February 9, 2018


The Bruce Rauner slate of candidates, Attorney General Candidate Erika Herald, State Representative Avery Borne, GOP Chairman Tim Schneider called for Jeanne Ives to remove a campaign video ad, citing it being sexist, racist, and homophobic.  We may find out if that was a true concern or more political rhetoric to bolster the “Rauner Slate”. 

On March 1st, Attorney General Candidate Erika Herald will be the keynote speaker at the Coles County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner. This dinner was arranged and quietly publicized by the documented racist (based on his own comments) Coles County GOP Chairman, John Clough.

Clough has reportedly gone out of his way to make sure that only his preferred candidates have tickets to the event. This includes “not having enough tickets” for certain people that want to attend.  Of particular interest is the claim we are not allowed to attend.  

Clough was formerly appointed to the Prisoner Review Board by Governor Rauner. After that appointment, he filed a false statement of economic interest and used a state vehicle for electioneering purposes. He was also exposed for using the racist word “n…er” more than once in his previous employment as a Coles County Sheriff’s Deputy. Documents provided under the Freedom of Information Act reveal his offensive language, and that his supervisor was ordered to counsel him for using such language. According to Injustice Watch, Clough was removed from the Prisoner Review Board in January 2018.

If the “Rauner Slate” and particularly Erika Herald, were genuinely concerned about offensive racist, sexist, and homophobic language, why have none of them called this GOP Chairman out for his actions? Is it because he is a Rauner supporter?  Why hasn’t Erika Herald refused to attend and especially refused to be the keynote speaker at a Lincoln Day Dinner planned and conducted by a known racist acting as the Coles County GOP Chairman?

Erika Harold, we ask that you “confront this challenge head-on” as your February 8th campaign newsletter suggests that you do, and demand the Coles County GOP Chairman resign as chairman and resign as committeeman. You should also demand he pulls his name off the Ballot (or officially withdraw from the race). If he fails to do that, you should publicly refuse to attend and refuse to be the keynote speaker at this or any event he is a part of.

For the rest of the “Rauner Slate” – you should strongly condemn Clough’s actions and demand he resigns as Coles County GOP Chairman, and from the ballot.

No political party should ever provide refuge for people like Clough who act in this manner.

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  • J. Madison
    Posted at 10:55h, 09 February Reply

    Avery Bourne needs to denounce Governor Rauner since she personally knows that Rauner’s
    campaign ads against Ives are false. Bourne voted in line with Ives as I review vote tallies. No one fought harder for property tax relief than Jeanne Ives. If some can not tell the truth, shut up.

  • Watching with Interest
    Posted at 11:17h, 09 February Reply

    This is likely to get MORE interesting.

  • Richard Evans
    Posted at 15:13h, 09 February Reply

    Well res ipsa loquitor…..Erika needs to show she is not a Rauner minion.

  • Robert O. Bogue
    Posted at 09:06h, 10 February Reply

    As a registered Republican, the question becomes, why hasn’t the Coles County Republican Party removed John Clough from his chairmanship? He certainly isn’t a role model for any of the good Republicans that I know; so why allow him to send the wrong message? He’s damaged goods and if enhancing votes for candidates is an objective…then the Coles County Republican Party needs new leadership….now!

    And…it seems to me that Erika Herald needs to consider who she’s is keeping company with. Splitting a ticket isn’t something new for me, I’m voting for the best candidate…not for some old Republican crony that’s playing “the game” to enhance votes. Illinois is corrupt and bankrupt because of things like this. We need honest hardworking leadership.

    Speaking of leadership, Rauner has clearly failed. He repeatedly supports the violation of Illinois Aviation Law, a law that could be read and understood by a first grader. Case in point; the Edgar County Airport.
    Rauner and his cronies; Randy Blankenhorn, Beth McClusky, William M. Barnes, Martin and others have supported and approved fraudulent documents (and the originators of same) and allowed all of them to go unpunished…when it’s a proven fact.
    They/he have gone on to support and approve grant funds, knowing they are in clear violation of Illinois Law which were subsequently halted by the federal government for guess what? Fraud and violations of Illinois Law.

    There’s nothing like a bankrupt county borrowing money; that requires a bankrupt state to borrow money; that requires a bankrupt federal government to borrow money; for a fraudulent airport project that violates Illinois Law and to have all of it supported by the Illinois Governor Rauner. I’m voting for something better. Rauner has had his chance to do the right thing and failed!

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