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June 12, 2024

Pleasant View Luther Home – Past abuse, now a death

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On January 26, 2018

LaSalle Co. (ECWd) –

The Pleasant View Luther Home is once again in the line of fire, this time for a death of an elderly person.  A year ago today NBC 5 covered an abuse case by this same facility and reports that they were fined in that case.

Now we have documentation that this same facility has been fined $25,000.00 by the State for failures that lead to the death of a person in their care. (See page 34 of the Report for the assessed fine.)

“Type A violation of an occurrence for violating one or more of the following sections of the Code: 300.610a), 300.1010h), 300.1210b), 300.1210d)3), and 300.3240a). The fine was doubled in this instance in accordance with 300.282i) and j) of the Code due to the violation of the sections of the Code with a high risk designation: 300.1210b) and 300.3240a). A fine of $25,000.00.”

The report below points to the facility’s failure to recognize, assess, and address a continuing decline in a resident’s condition after a fall. Those failures resulted in a life-threatening condition and delay in treatment, which ultimately led to the death of the person.

“Based on interview and record review, the facility failed to notify the physician of a change in condition for one of one resident ( R 1 ) reviewed for physician notification, in a sample of three. The facility also failed to recognize, assess and address a continuing decline in a resident’s condition after a fall, for one of one residents (R1) reviewed for falls, in a sample of three. These failures resulted in R1 developing a life-threatening condition and experiencing a delay in treatment which ultimately led to R1 ‘s death.”  (Full investigation report at this link)

The report is a Quarterly report from the Illinois Department of Public Health. I would encourage everyone who has family and friends in any type of senior living facility to review this report to see if their facility is one that has been fined for violations.

As an EMT or just any person for that matter, it’s a sad day to read a report which points to the care provider’s failures being the cause of a person’s death.

Report - NH17-C0592-10-30-17-Pleasan-View-Lutheran-Home
Docket - Oct-Dec-2017-QRPT



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  • John Chiurato
    Posted at 20:35h, 26 January Reply

    Shameful and appaling! it was my father who was abused at this facility. The perpetrator received a slap on the wrist and a misdemeanor charge of battery.

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