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May 23, 2024

Knox County Sheriff’s Dept called to Williamsfield School Board Meeting –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On January 9, 2018


Knox County Sheriff’s Department was called to the school board meeting last night, January 8, 2018. They were called by both the Williamsfield CUSD #210 Board President Chuck Ingle, and by me, after a short discussion on Ingle’s violation of State law – the Open Meetings Act.

Board President Ingle called and reported that he had a couple people interrupting the school board meeting. I called and reported a crime in progress, that the school board president was committing a crime (Class C Misdemeanor) during the meeting by refusing to follow the board’s adopted and established rules for public comment. For the record, we were not interrupting a meeting, but rather, attempting to stop the commission of a crime in progress.

The Issues (supporting references in this pdf):

  • Board President thinks he can violate Board Policy and State law by restricting comment to 2 minutes per person without that rule being established and recorded by the public body
  • Board President thinks he can violate the First Amendment and State Law by prohibiting mentioning of names during public comment

Meeting Agenda, included a note from the president purporting to recite Board Policy 2:230:

Per Board Policy 2:230

  1. Individuals appearing before the board to participate in public comment must identify themselves by name when called upon and begin to deliver his or her message to the board. The customary time allotted per speaker is 2 minutes.

So we reviewed “Board Policy 2:230” and it stated:

  1. Identify oneself and be brief. Ordinarily, comments shall be limited to 5 minutes. In unusual circumstances, and when an individual has made a request in advance to speak for a longer period of time, the individual may be allowed to speak for more than 5 minutes.

I think anyone can see, that his note in the meeting agenda IS NOT “Per Board Policy” but rather something he made up to limit public comment without proper authority.

The Open Meetings Act, Section 2.06 is what grants the “right to speak” to any person, subject only to the rules established and recorded by the public body. In this instance, the Board Policy published on its website include the rules established and recorded by this public body. Also, keep in mind any rules established must be reasonable and must enhance the ability for a person to address public officials, not restrict their ability as is the case with this school board.

Additionally, the Open Meetings Act’s right to speak specifically states we have the right to address “public officials” – not merely “the Board” or only the president. If someone wants to ask a particular board member a question or call them out by name on something they don’t agree with, it is the person’s right to do so.

As far as the time limits, if the public body wants to further restrict the time limits (from 5 minutes to 3 minutes) on public comment, the board must adopt a new policy – which cannot be implemented at the meeting the new policy was adopted, but at later meetings.

During this meeting, the president once again disrupted a person during her public comment time. His actions violated Board Policy 2:30 and the Open Meetings Act. As such, we interjected and insisted she be able to finish her 5 minutes according to their established and recorded rules, and that everyone else be treated to the same 5 minutes. We also insisted she had the right to mention names.

While waiting on law enforcement to arrive, other board members agreed that their own board policy stated 5 minutes per person, and convinced the president to continue with public comment, and allow the 5 minutes according to established policy.

We talked to the Deputies for approximately a half an hour, explaining what we believed happened, and how what the board president did was a violation of law and a criminal act.

Watch the video below:

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  • NiteCat
    Posted at 12:45h, 09 January

    No wonder they abruptly adjourned the meeting…to call the cops on you?? There is not one corner of this state that is free of ignorance or corruption by any elected/appointed official. Heaven, please save us…from ourselves…sigh.

  • comYou
    Posted at 19:26h, 09 January

    Help….. What crime was committed?

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 21:13h, 09 January

      Violation of Section 2.06(g) of the Open Meetings Act, which is a crime: Sec. 4. Any person violating any of the provisions of this Act, except subsection (b), (c), (d), (e), or (f) of Section 1.05, shall be guilty of a Class C misdemeanor.

  • Anderson
    Posted at 20:45h, 09 January

    I fail to see how “Brian” offering to buy your farm from your soon to be ex husband is a concern to the school board? I understand he’s a board member and he’s also a person who wants to buy farm ground. “Brian” also can’t force you out of your home. You contradict yourself when you say things like “asked me to force me to leave my home”. Your divorce issues suck. I’ve been there. Divorce sucks. But your divorce is not the school boards problem. You possibly losing your home due to your divorce is not a school board issue. It’s a divorce/judge issue. And if your name is on the deed to the land then your husband can’t sell without your signed consent. You failed to convince me of your argument. You two also wasted our deputies time and effort too.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 08:48h, 10 January

      Apparently you missed the part about her allegations that this is retaliation for speaking out in a prior meeting. She even says she believes it is retaliation because it happened after she spoke about something else during a previous meeting, and after her complaint of Open Meetings Act violations of the Board.

      The Board President “wasted the Deputy’s time” – not us, we were attempting to prevent him from committing the crime he was committing against the people wishing to speak for the 5 minutes as their own policy prescribes – and, he called them prior to me calling them.

    • Ben
      Posted at 00:16h, 17 January

      You’re missing the point of her comment. It was about how Brian was bullying her. Not about him wanting to buy land. Him and the other 3 new bird members have been harassing the public and bullying us trying to get their horrible ideas passed. Also, those so called “great teachers” that were “forced out of their jobs” (they weren’t even forced out. They quit because before the new admin came in, they were told that they were perfect on their evaluations but once the new admin came in and gave them less than perfect evaluations with things to work on, they LEFT their jobs and chose to harass the school) were absolutely horrible. I know because I had their classes. They played favorites and gave people who played on their phones and gossiped with them all class A’s and the rest of the class that actually tried a much lower grade. My GPA was affected because of a Teachers personal vendetta against me. I also took a Spanish class with a teacher that couldn’t understand a word of Spanish when it was spoken to her by a fluent speaker and said “she only spoke/taught Mexican”. I have been bullied for years by these “great teachers” and the public who are against the administration. My entire high school experience has been pure hell. Since the former “great teachers” caused all this crap to happen, I have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I lost almost all of my friends. I was attacked in a classroom about supporting the admin rather than supporting a teacher that tweeted extremely inappropriate things about teachers and students. At one point I thought about just ending it all. The harassment and bullying that has been going on from those in favor of the 4 new members and the old teachers/admin is absolutely ridiculous! They whine and complain about one of the best administrations to ever be in this school spending money to improve our education. OUR TEST SCORES HAVE IMPROVED DRAMATICALLY!!! We are recognized nationally for our innovation in the classroom and our improved methods of teaching students. THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION MADE US A MODEL OF HOW OTHER SCHOOLS SHOULD BE RUN. I am damn proud to be a student at Williamsfield High School and to have gone here all my life. Those of you that complain and make up all kinds of information for your benefit should be ashamed of yourselves. You claim to have your child’s best interests at heart but I can assure you that if the old teachers and admin were here, you would be utterly disappointed in how low their test scores would be. The school is changing with the times and improving for the better. It’s about time we get people on the school board who are willing to change with it and not prevent the innovation that we are recognized for. It’s about time the parents and people in the community start changing their tunes and actually attending the board meetings and getting the 100% correct information. Not the distorted information that has been told to you through a game of telephone. Like I said, I am proud to be a student at Williamsfield and live in this community and you should be too.

      • Greg
        Posted at 13:12h, 17 January

        Hold the phone. Are you aware of what is recorded in personnel files? I don’t believe that is public knowledge. Do you know why this school has lost so many teachers? If you do, someone is in violation of privacy laws. Were you aware the the first year our school took the PARCC test only the AP English class was tested, not of the students in the average English class. Btw, that class was taught by a teacher who was fired. Tim registered that 100% had tested. Not very “transparent”. As for tweeting and social media….really? I think we all know who loves to be the center of attention on not only social media, but whenever there is a photo op at the school. Let’s keep students first please. The big names in this town are the bullies, not parents and community members trying to achieve fairness and promote positive growth. If you have been attending Board meetings you would see who the arrogant bullies are. I encourage everyone to come to the board meetings and listen, ask questions, get answers. The negativity surrounding our school does not go unnoticed by other communities.

        • Phil
          Posted at 17:15h, 17 January

          I’m actually not aware of what is recorded in personnel files. I said that because the teachers were showing students their evaluations and whining about them not being perfect. I sat there as teachers read their evaluations out loud to the entire class, bullyed Tim and Zack, bullyed students. Some of which were in the room while it was going. You’re absolutely correct on your point about “if you have been to board meetings you would see who the bullies are”. I have been to board meetings and the bullies are those 4 new board members. In order to have a safe school environment we need to have a school board that doesn’t bully parents, faculty, and other board members into doing their bidding. So many laws have been broken by these 4 new members. Those of us who support the admin use social media to raise awareness of the injustices the 4 new board members are committing. They blatantly disrespect Tim the other board members that those 4 show is despicable. They try to bully the public into keeping our mouths shut about the unlawful acts they commit. Honestly, if you can’t stand the fact that things are changing for the better at this school, then why stay? Try and at least keep an open mind. I swear that if you open your eyes just a little bit, you will see what we are talking about. We have the most passionate, caring, and hardworking teachers at the school now. I hope parents would want the best for their kids. We need to spend money to improve the school in order for it to stay open, keep up with the changing tech for education, and improve our test scores. Mrs. Robbins is one of the greatest teachers to ever work at Williamsfield schools. She came here certified to teach college level English and other levels of it. She was a couple classes short of being certified to teach high school english. Also, teachers that take classes to get certified for other classes while teaching do get their tuition reimbursed. I have learned more from my one year of having Mrs. Robbins’s English class than I ever have with any of the old teachers. Those previous teachers didn’t even teach. They taught joke classes. Even students knew that their classes were jokes. You go to school to learn. You don’t go to school to be bullyed by teachers and students. That doesn’t happen anymore. If you don’t have kids in the district then how would you even know what the school is like??? It is evident that those teachers LEFT their jobs because of their hatred for the best admin to ever be in our district. Just take a look at the board minutes. You should also think about the ramifications on the quality of education at Williamsfield schools if the administration was forced out. I am proud of those who stick up for the admin because they know that they do an AMAZING job. I am utterly disappointed in those in the community that have disrespected our admin. IT IS PATHETIC THAT A TOWN OF 600 CANT EVEN SUPPORT THOSE THAT HAVE PUT OUR LITTLE TOWN ON THE MAP FOR HAVING ONE OF THE BEST PUBLIC SCHOOLS IN THE STATE. It’s even more sad that those who don’t respect the admin resort to destruction of property, death threats, vandalism, bullying, harassment. This town does not deserve the admin we currently have. The current admin has accomplished so many wonderful things (nationally recognized, top 10 in schools in state, model for other schools, etc). Those that don’t support the admin need to think about what losing the admin means for your children’s education. The school is a positive place where learning occurs. We shouldn’t withhold money projects that will help our students learn better. We should create an innovative space where students can thrive. We have successfully done that with the completion of the new STEM Lab. We have made the school safer and more secure but creating a central office with only one entrance people can come in through. During the day, all of the other doors remain locked and closed. We have an upgraded security system to help protect the school even more. We no longer have a leaky roof! We should all be able to agree on the fact that the school is Much safer and in better shape than it has been in the past 15 years! We are not strapped for cash like other schools in the area. We get grants to help pay for projects. Tim and Zack have been devoted to turning this school into one of the most positive, innovative, successful, and functional learning environments anybody in this gosh darn town could ask for! We should put aside the hatred and anger and just create a positive town to go along with out positive school. The admin is the best the school has had in the past 15 years. Try taking your hatred for the admin and turning it into energy to research all of the unlawful things the 4 new board members have done.

          *when I say “forced out”, i’m referring to their contracts not being renewed

          • Phil
            Posted at 00:10h, 18 January

            Can we all just agree that it is the quality of our children’s education that should be the main focus and stop all the bickering? It’s fine if you don’t agree with the admin but there is a better route to take instead of bullying, harassment, destruction of property, and death threats. I think we can all agree on that. It’s about time we put our kids first and leave the constant bickering in the past. What’s done is done and there is nothing that can be changed about it. “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift from god, which is why we call it the present” -Bill Keane

          • PleasedParent
            Posted at 12:23h, 18 January

            Kudos to you – for speaking your truth! I hope EVERYONE reads your words – the words of a CURRENT student. If people are truly concerned about what is going on in the school, then I encourage them to talk to CURRENT teachers, CURRENT students, walk the halls of the school. OBSERVE the CURRENT culture. You will be amazed at what you see!

  • concerned
    Posted at 13:01h, 10 January

    Oh how I wish this watchdog pair had been coming to the board meetings for the last 3 years. Public was cut to 2 minutes by Board President Collopy during her term January 2016.
    As for retaliation? Well, what about the teachers that we have lost due to retaliation for questioning our administration…or administration yelling at teachers who have questioned them. Ask about funds spent, ask about the directives. Ask what time our principle arrives at school with his children….are they marked absent or tardy? I am not privy to that information but I doubt it. There is a division brought about by people such as the ones who are videoing….our Billtown 9 that they toot their horns about, where is their 9 when it comes to smiling, replying “hi” when spoken to, and turning against their own family when they disagree in regards to the school board. I have heard two occasions where a woman told a man (yes, twice and two different women) to “hit” or “kick” another woman. These members of the community should be ashamed. Karma will come back and I just hope it doesn’t affect YOUR daughters. Little ears are listening and eyes are watching, so when you are negative and discuss these things publicly and broadcast them, be aware that students are watching parents, teachers, grandparents, aunts, uncles act like children. Grow up, watch the ones who show respect…..crazy is as crazy does. Quit using people to do your dirty work. Ask yourself, are these people your friends, or are they using you? People in glass houses should never throw stones. Keep painting Billtown in a positive light….it truly shows your character. Glad my circle of friends does not include you.

  • HelloItsMe
    Posted at 13:50h, 10 January

    Retaliation or not, what does this have to do with the school board? What does any of it have to do with the students? It’s terrible how political it’s become. Give her the 5 minutes and then move on.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 13:54h, 10 January

      Retaliation BY a school board member has everything to do with the school board (if it is true).
      I agree, give her the 5 minutes and move on to the next item.

  • Human
    Posted at 18:02h, 10 January

    Hey Woodward and Bernstein……..Agree with concerned. Go get the back story…..

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 18:05h, 10 January

      The only story we are concerned with is the fact that the Board Chairman violated the Open Meetings Act at the December meeting and was attempting to violate the Act at this meeting.

      • Concerned
        Posted at 19:34h, 10 January

        So, I am able to recite my grocery list in my 5 minute allotment? Well then, sign me up, no one listens to my complaints of daily strife. Had I known I could attend public forums and complain I now have an avenue to vent my frustrations. Seriously, this town makes up their own rules even Mr. Farquer stated that rules were ridiculous (when questioned on uncertified teachers schooling our children). Did you know that if you acquire a position at district #210 you will not only be paid a salary, but you can also have your tuition paid to become a certified teacher? Did you also know that social media is a free-for-all where you can voice your personal opinion on others lives even though it can get you a lawsuit and district #210 will not only stand behind you in false allegations but pay for your attorney AND continue to pay you to work for the district? Depending on who you are and on whose year-end your lips are planted you can not only earn a very good living in this small town, but be praised and compensated without doing much of anything. Stay the course good citizens. Mark my words, 2021 district #210 will be in debt so deep they will not be able to dig out of, Mr. Farquer’s contract will be up and he will move on to greener, possibly political pastures and those left with school-aged children will be bussing them to ROWVA for a coop-ed education!

        • Also Concerned
          Posted at 23:35h, 10 January

          This situation should be of great concern. The turnover rate for teachers in this district is insane. When you lose 20 to 2 people for whatever reason, whether they leave of their own free will, something must be wrong. My guess is it’s not the majority. Also our town is so small that we are lucky for the teachers, who are certified, that we have. To go through them the way that we do is not good for the school or the students. If the teachers don’t feel safe in their positions at least to the point that they feel as if they can function in a creative and supportive environment, that atmosphere falls back on the students. The perfect faculty does not exist, but collaboration, constructive criticism, and compromise do. Great things could happen here, but intimidation and general issues with egos stand in the way. Let the people who are here for the students do their job and let those who act against that effort, administrators included know that enough is enough.

      • Worried
        Posted at 08:51h, 11 January

        So you were there because of the open meeting act 2:23? Did you read number 4? It reads Observe the Board President decision to shorten public comment to conserve time and give the maximum number of individuals an opportunity to speak. Back when President Collopy was still on the board we could only speak for 2 minutes . So she was breaking the open Meeting act back before this board was elected in? Hum, so when the vote was 5-2 for the administration it was fine with the everyone. But now that the vote is 4 -3 against the administration it is no longer ok? We the people of this community voted in these new board member with the hope they can make a change, and they are doing a fine job.
        You don’t know the whole story here.

        • jmkraft
          Posted at 09:48h, 11 January

          It was 2:230, and yes, we were there because of the public commenting issue. I understand what their policy says under #4, however, that item number violates the Open Meetings Act, so does item number 3. If it was happening with the previous board chairman, yes, the law was violated then also. If this board wants 2 minute time-limit, they need to adopt a new policy.

          You can read several recent AG Opinions on this subject here:

          • Worried
            Posted at 10:10h, 11 January

            ok, got it. So this new board was handed a manual that was in violation to the open Meeting Act That he previous board put in motion. Also you said you were speaking for those who feel they can’t. They aren’t near as afraid as the people who have children in the school that support the board. If you have a child and support the board then your child will be over looked in any special awards they give out and are made to feel left out often. The children are getting hurt. Who would use there daughter to stand in front of the board and talk about her parents divorce anyway. ugh.

          • jmkraft
            Posted at 10:18h, 11 January

            We do not get involved on the content of anyone’s public comment, only that they be allowed to speak for the time limit adopted by the Board, which in this case is 5 minutes (until they formally adopt a new policy). We also get involved for any other unreasonable restrictions (like no mentioning names).

          • Worried
            Posted at 10:26h, 11 January

            I was looking at what all you do. I see certification is one of them. Are you willing to look into why we have so many teaches teaching classes they are not certified in? The Certified teachers have left so the administration has hired teachers to fill the slots who aren’t.

          • Ed Rooney
            Posted at 16:09h, 11 January

            So, here is a new board who has to clean up the mess that the prior board got the district into. I believe, that if you go back through meeting materials (avaliable on the school’s website) that you can pretty much see what has been going on. People’s panties have gotten in a bunch over the good ‘ol boys not getting their way. I believe, back when things were going “their” way an employee of the school posted on social media (she never learned her lesson I guess) that you’re not a tree…if you don’t like it, move! Well, that should about sum it up for you folks. They cry about retaliation..well, how about the emails sent to kids on their school account telling them that they had to be in a play. How about the admin holding meetings telling the teachers and staff to “go to the mattresses”? Sat through a meeting a while back where Tim admitted he hadn’t performed all the drills required last year. Also, there was a meeting where we were in violation of school rules…one being not doing background checks on school employees (now, a while back a teacher was fired for having a blog on the internet he had posted in college and it referenced gays and gun violence) But hey, its alright, we dont learn leassons here in good ol billtown. The new office was built for safety of students…anyone go check doors to see if they are locked? Hmmm one weekend the maintenance door was left unlocked all weekend. Have you every been in there? That is the brains of the institution. Anyone could have sabotaged our school. security cameras that cost a small fortune were laying on the ground in the snow a few weeks ago. But let’s keep focusing on the positive.

          • Worried
            Posted at 09:25h, 12 January

            Whoa, Lots been going on since I was on here last. Back to the issue. I have a problem with the article Williamsfield Board President tramples on first Amendment. This board was handed the BOE Manual and I know that in my job when I get a Manual I assume it is correct. But you slammed the board for something that they did start and only followed.

            So what or how do we get you to look into the ROE violations against out school that the Administration has created?

          • jmkraft
            Posted at 09:31h, 12 January

            Obviously the Board never complied with the Manual they were given – otherwise 5 minutes would have been provided instead of the “Per Board Policy 2:230…2 minutes to speak” Did he even read that board policy prior to putting that on the agenda? I ask because the board policy never says 2 minutes, only 5 minutes.

          • Worried
            Posted at 09:51h, 12 January

            I would have no idea if any of them read it. I just hate the mess this town and school are in. I just know the board has been using the practice of 2 minutes set by the past board. I was told they can shorten the minutes if they see the meeting will run late due to Public comment. And especially if they are talking about a divorce. I feel bad for these 4 new board members that want to do what is right for the children and they get hit by something Janet Collopy set in motion. I do appreciate you educating me on this issue and maybe everyone else in the community. Thanks

  • Stan
    Posted at 22:11h, 10 January

    I’ve watched two videos of this school board and it amazes me how the members, other than the president, sit there like stumps. They act like they are scared stiff to say or do anything.

    • Joyce
      Posted at 08:16h, 11 January

      They sit there because it’s the same thing for the past 3 Years. And they do not have to respond to anything in public comment.

  • AgreeWithConcerned
    Posted at 10:40h, 11 January

    Completely AGREE… Thank you to the watchdogs for showing up to provide this platform where citizens can express their wit anonymously! Where you can voice your opinion without needing to pack up and move out of town because you don’t agree with those “in charge”. Yes people have left… Families and teachers… Have we checked the enrollment? If I were a bettin’ man I would bet its a whole class (20 kids) is gone since this administration was brought here. Concerned has summed things up good. A possible violation of rights is the least of this town’s worries. They would all be glad to trade in this soap opera for a violation of someone not getting to speak at a meeting. In the meantime, I will watch and see how the 2021 predictions end up.

    • Jeannie C. Riley
      Posted at 14:07h, 12 January

      Charity, these things HAVE been brought up at the board meetings…beginning all the way back in 2015. If you would look into the boe minutes posted on the website you would see that the board has already been made aware of all the issues multiple times. 10/15 requests for teacher certifications and library books that were removed from the school library. Current Blue Room book inventory was requested as well. 11/15-certifications were questioned, lack of library and media instruction provided by a licensed library and media specialist along with concerns voiced regarding literacy instruction without a Title 1 reading specialist. 05/16 a request was made to hire a Title 1 reading specialist. Concerns over construction during school hours and alternative suggestions to the area for the STEM lab. 06/16 Concern for loss of teachers, request to encourage improvement to make our children’s education a top priority, a personal attack on someone’s family member was made in regards to them speaking at boe meetings, a Title 1 reading specialist request was made and a request for exit interviews on staff that is leaving was made. 07/16 Teacher certification was questioned, our superintendent teaching a Health class was mentioned along with the use of paraprofessionals in all the elementary classrooms instead of an elementary reading specialist, PARCC test concerns were addressed as well as the number of new teachers. 11/16 a local business man spoke regarding the fact that he doesn’t feel as though he was treated fairly in regards to insurance quotes he had prepared, a child’s health grade was discussed along with challenges with the Canvas system. Concerns for PRE-K and Kindergarten students reading instruction. Concern on unsold homes in the community due to the negative exposure, loss of several teachers and PARCC scores. 12/16 a prior student commented that she was not prepared for college as she should have been and an update on health class was given. 01/17 a FOIA was presented regarding Health class lesson plan and assignments. 03/17 was a compilation of requests to slow down and compromise on the new office project, support of administration and safety concerns. A miniature schoolhouse was constructed and on display for a Take a Book-Leave a Book project headlined by Zack Binder. (Hasn’t ever been implemented). 04/17 A request to have the board address the math issue in our school for the sake of the students. Congratulations and compliments were given on the musical, and a new competency based pilot program. How our district will pay for additional staff was addressed. A concern for district finances was brought up along with a request to get financial details out to the public. A reading specialist was requested for the elementary students. 05/16 a request for potholes to be filled in the student parking lot was made. 06/16 Questions raised by two individuals on why we have needed to amend the budget two years in a row. 08/17 The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by those in attendance. 09/17 Many spoke and the minutes were not posted with descriptions. Going off of the sign in sheet many were there in support of Meg Robbins, two people questioned teacher certification and safety and one questioned policy and procedure. Meg Robbins tuition reimbursement was voted on with all in favor. 10/17 a request for money to the booster club be returned to the booster club, legal fees accumulated were questioned, finances and academic improvement committee was discussed, code of conduct was read, teacher spoke regarding division affecting students (same teacher who Tim entered her classroom during a class and removed the paraprofessional in FRONT of students and have her get her things to be taken out of school) Shooter drills not being done were addressed, a Title 1 reading specialist was requested, budget and deficit spending, and positive endorsements for administration and teachers expressed. We all know how things have been going lately because there has been a larger turnout than usual. Also, a live stream has been made available to those unable to make the meeting.
      So, this is a platform–not for complaints, but for the truth. So many people have twisted the truth. Neither side is perfect. However, their is one group who does not have individuals who are rude to others, snide, starting rumors etc. There is the truth. I encourage those of you who have children in school, come on down. It is painful at times, and I hope you don’t lose a tire…or business with individuals because of who you sit by, talk to or endorse.

      I have faith, that once we wade through all of the bull, we will start making progress. And those who whine about Brian taking his children out of our school are the VERY SAME people who are complaining about retaliation on their families. Come on, seriously? Brian is an intelligent man and his wife, an intelligent woman. Do you think they would risk having their children be targeted? Again, protection. So what if his kids don’t go to school here….three current board members don’t have children in Williamsfield.

      Again, step back and look at the truth. It is black and white. Right there on the Billtown website–

      Jeannie C. Riley

      • Charity
        Posted at 14:45h, 12 January

        I know that they have all been brought up…that’s my point. I am there, I do hear the painful and happy truths. I really don’t appreciate being lumped in to a pile of people. I ask for facts, I check the facts and I back the facts. I back what I believe in. I speak my truths. Sometimes your truths and my truths are 2 different things. That is perception.

        I just want people to keep talking like adults, and I want to be treated like an adult when I reach out to a school board member to ask questions or voice concerns…but that doesn’t happen, I am ignored. I want to see the research and ask questions about how they came up with directives and test score data.

        We were mislead by a board member on the operating dollars per student…just want to make sure these measurements are not misleading either.

        PS Very clever signature…how is Harper Valley?

        • Jeannie
          Posted at 17:20h, 12 January

          Harper Valley suffers from the same drama. The temps are in the eighties though, so that is a plus!

          I wonder, what was said the per child $ amount was by the board member and what is the correct $ figure?

      • Carrie Peek
        Posted at 02:23h, 14 January

        Jeannie C. Riley…whoever you are, nice try 😉 You must be a friend of mine on Facebook. Find your own wit and leave mine alone. Thanks! Signed~Carrie Peek

  • Charity
    Posted at 15:41h, 11 January

    I am surprised some of you still hide behind your anonymous comments. If you really have something to say then be a grown up and say it. The arguments and finger pointing that you are doing is silly compared to slashed tires and vehicles tampered with. Own your voice and your opinion.

    • Veronica Sawyer
      Posted at 16:25h, 11 January

      Finger pointing? I think you have been a finger pointer. You do realize you are being used by the bullies in this town right? Their opinions change from day to day. They have gleaned onto you to be their voice. Why? Because they don’t care about you. Its a shame really. I’m sure you have a lot to offer in friendship but because you aren’t in the family you’ll never make it to the pizza parties and gossip fests. Ugly is as ugly does. I have sat and watched who the ugly ones are. So have everyone’s children. Slashed tires….seriously? I have doubts that the slashed tires may have come from “your” side since the other side is being stalked—certainly you all would know who did it since the stalkers take video and pictures. You realize at some point they will be done with you. The live stream only showed 900+ viewers how ridiculous our town is. Did anyone every think that perhaps people got ruined tires because all the demo garbage was hauled to the dumpster….in the teacher lot? Did you know that it was not just the admin that had tires damaged? There were teacher vehicles damaged as well. I feel for you and the others who are being used. I hope there is a point that the community can come back from this. Praying and “pretending” to be a christian doesn’t cut it. Actions speak louder than words. Where was everyone at the meetings with all of this started? They sure weren’t volunteering their time or at the school sneaking into Farquer’s office before boe meetings.

      • Charity
        Posted at 16:52h, 11 January

        I think you missed my point. I stand up and speak my own voice. I don’t need anyone to tell me what to say or how to say it, if you knew me, you would never say those things. I live a pretty unfiltered life. I’m quite sure construction materials did not tamper with what is under the hood of a car. I don’t need bullies or nice people to tell me what or how to say. And you are right…I don’t get invited to pizza parties and gossip fests. I don’t need to. I am my own individual who believes in our administration and our teachers and our faculty. My son is thriving at school. He has had teachers with man years of service in Wiliamsfield and i know he is well cared for every day no matter what opinion I have. I don’t stalk people, frankly, I am too damn tired to stalk and honestly not even sure where 95% of the board members live. I’m a Billtown transplant who still gets lost at Oak Run and off most major roadways.But I will say if home security cameras capture images….well then I suppose they have done their job. The tire slashing was just an example of people hiding behind anonymous posts, just like hiding behind destruction of property. I also believe the timeline with tire slashing was before the election and involved more personal retaliation against people and their opinions. And I do not pretend to be a Christian. I believe in God and I do not have to prove to anyone that I am or am not. Clearly, you don’t know who I am. PS I DO volunteer my time…was on the boosters before my son was even born and am actively involved in the PAT. Clearly you have me confused with someone else. But I do welcome the conversation.

        • Queen Elinor
          Posted at 20:29h, 11 January

          I don’t believe I missed the point you were making. I think the point was that you were interested in who I am. I will tell you this, but first I might need to offer an apology for jumping to conclusions as to who you are. I was not aware of any volunteering on the boosters before your son was born. So, I apologize for that. I do know that now, you are actively involved. I too am please with how our children are treated and cared for at our school. However, if there is a complaint it seems to be taken to such a personal level that it turns into a pack against one. No one knows that tire slashing occurred. No one knows that a vehicle was tampered with. I have never seen a police report showing that there was a crime committed. I have seen some of your unfiltered side and I think it is commendable. If I have offended you by stating what I have observed, I apologize. I feel like I am a pretty good judge of character and I am just stating that I believe you and others are being used. I hope not, because decent people don’t use others. I believe that there are a lot of people in the community pretending to be someone other than who they are to get people to side with them and “do their bidding”. While I don’t know you, I was only trying to point out what is perceived-if this is not the case, I am wrong. There is so much anger in this town due to what people’s opinions are. I believe that opinions are rights….and anyone can have an opinion. Just because you and I don’t agree doesn’t mean we are wrong…it means we don’t agree. Simple as that. The reason why this comment section has become a place to vent frustrations anonymously is because it is a safe haven. Lol… clearly the board room is not. Actually, all of these things have been voiced at board meetings over the past years. All of these things have been heard by board members and for the last few years, ignored. Fair is fair. For years many have had to speak and get shut down after two minutes was up, FOIA requests had to be turned in, emails were ignored, blatent diresprect has been shown to community members by administration during board meetings without any repercussions. This, is the perfect avenue to address these issues since people have made this accessible and people are patiently trolling for new comments. Maybe people will start questioning and realizing that things that have been going on haven’t always been going as smoothly as theyve been told. Maybe rules that are made and being broken by administration will become apparent as people start seeing these experiences.
          Now, as for who I am…..
          I am COURAGE: I have the ability to do something that frightens me-I have done so for many years be speaking up for what I believe are injustices and wrongs that are continually being done in our school by our leaders.
          I am CREATIVITY: I have used my imagination or original ideas to try and understand what I am seeing that is wrong with so many things in our administrators thinking.
          I am DETERMINATION: I have firmness and purpose in my goals. I want to improve our school, make it a better place for our children and help keep it here, operational, for many more years to come.
          I am EMPATHY: I can share and understand feelings of both sides and individuals. I do…I am constantly trying to figure out ways where things can be right and just and give both sides what they want while maintaining integrity.
          I am HONESTY: I am free of deceit and untruthfulness. I have attempted, at all times, to base my opinions on fact–hard to do at times, but I always do try my best to find the truth.
          I am KINDNESS: I am friendly, I am considerate and I am generous with all of my heart.
          I am RESPECT: I can exude admiration for someone elicited by their abilities and qualifications. When warranted, I have total respect for those who have earned it.
          I am RESPONSIBILITY: I have a duty to deal with something. I have taken on the responsibility of protecting my children’s future by standing up for what I know is right.
          I am PERSEVERANCE: I am steadfast in being involved in the future of my children despite the difficulties I have experienced and delay in achieving overall success in the academic futures of the children.

          So, if what people comment here hurts your feelings I am sorry. Here the truth can be posted. Here, there is no 2 minute cut off. Here, I don’t have to worry about retaliation.
          I am not “hiding” here….I am protecting. My children and family is the beginning and end of my world. To be able to hopefully open eyes and expose the truth and protect them and possibly other families is what I hope to accomplish here. Feel free to move on, no one has to read what is here.

          • Charity
            Posted at 09:53h, 12 January

            Well I a would hope that you understand that my child is my beginning and end as well. If there are people that are so small minded and ignorant and feel they must take their beef with me out on my child, well then, I will not hesitate to pull him immediately. I don’t hide my opinions when I feel that I am being mistreated. I have tried over and over again for an adult discussion with those that represent us. No I did not vote for the 4…yet, they as elected officials are still suppose to listen and represent us…not themselves and their own personal vendettas or their puppeteer. I was not questioning who you are, my point is, if you believe in something, don’t hide behind it. If our children were being bullied at school, I would want my child to know he can speak up and speak freely. These are values i am teaching him…and the administration and teachers are doing the same.

            We as the public were being bullied by the BOE…specifically the president. I urge you to attend meetings. He doesn’t have the decency to look up from the table when people are speaking. To put his hand in Tim’s face to shut him down from talking…really, that’s not ok. That is mind boggling to me that someone believes that they can do that.

            I commend you for your values. I feel we are on the same page as far as those you listed.

            Yes, there is a police report. Yes it is documented. Yes, I know this from a county deputy.

            What other facts are you questioning?
            I can share with you that the previous administration budgets were such a train wreck its embarrassing…I have seen the spreadsheets. They won’t give Tim the authority to use contingency money, yet previous admin just stuck everything in that column. Weird how that works…

            My goal in the end is to fight what is best for my child. He started in another district and we chose to move him to this district after our divorce. He has done nothing but grow and thrive and become a fine young person. I will fight to make sure my son continues to thrive here. I feel as if the current situation is allowing him to do that as long as the grown-ups keep the drama to themselves, which obviously they can’t.

            I am not hurt by peoples comments…I am frustrated that people will hide behind aliases and not own who and what they believe in.

            I got big shoulders, but like i said, you mess with my kid and there is no turning it off. excuse my french, but s*** will reign down on those whohurt my child, with no second guesses or chances.

          • mommaS
            Posted at 11:35h, 12 January

            Charity you don’t have to worry about your son having any issues at the school he is protected by you showing support to the Administration. The children are the ones getting hurt by the adults. And your son may be doing very well but what about the kids that need the help from title 1 and speech? I would love to see money spent in these areas and less on billtown 9 signage, teachers tuition to get them certified, office space that could have just been remodeled. These are the things I would like to see improved and in hopes to see in the future that the past board ignored.

          • Charity
            Posted at 12:34h, 12 January

            @ mommaS

            I am not worried about my child’s safety in the school. It is not about that…it is about the childish adults who feel that they must act out in property damage and threats. I don’t disagree with Speech and Title 1. All this board cares about are SAT scores and math scores. I agree that those things need to be accounted for and available.

            As far as the office—best move they could have made in regards to security. I have several friends outside of the district that have attended events there…that are police officers, and said it was on of the best they have seen in the area. I would love for a buzzer/camera system…but we cant spend money on safety and security.

            Again, I challenge you to stand up and speak for what you believe in…things that you think we need in the district. I cannot get the big 4 to even talk to me…maybe you can.

            by the way, I think the signs look awesome. Why can’t we have a nice space for our kids…I am quite sure the cost of those would not have covered a certified salary.

          • Charity
            Posted at 12:36h, 12 January

            This is not the venue to ask the board to do things…This why we have public comment…If you can’t speak up and ask and voice concerns at the meetings or to the board…then don’t use this as a platform to complain.

          • mommaS
            Posted at 13:28h, 12 January

            I have said my piece at the previous board meetings. Way before you started coming. And it got me no where. I learned my lesson speaking at the board meeting against the administration. And the teachers who tried to speak against the administration got let go. You are able to pick up and leave I can’t I own my home and we all see how they don’t sell in this district. I have children in the school who I am sure would only be hurt if I spoke up now that administration is no longer has the majority vote. Scores are very important to me and the Math department needs looked at. These are the reasons I voted for the 4. I Pray for them to help the children.

          • Charity
            Posted at 13:50h, 12 January

            I do own my home. Its not about picking up and leaving. It’s about choices, and I will make the choice I need to if it comes down to it. My son and his future are very important to me.

          • mommaS
            Posted at 14:10h, 12 January

            WHOOPS sorry the address still shows John Heinz owns it. All I know is I don’t see any changes coming as long as this Administration is here.

          • Charity
            Posted at 14:34h, 12 January

            Not that it is any of your business…but John Heinz is my other half and I do pay for the house. Our financial situation is none of your business…

  • D Vernon
    Posted at 16:36h, 11 January

    I do hope everyone realizes that these are voted in officials. That means the MAJORITY of the tax payers wanted them in their seats. See? That is the great thing about democracy! I bet, some of the people complaining actually voted for some of these board members. There are major issues in our school. The kids will suffer if not addressed. We have hired a teacher who is certified ONLY as a substitute. Yet, since that got called out, they created a position for her to fill (pathway instructor) while she continues her education to become certified on our dime. That being said, the children adore Mrs. Robbins and I don’t think we need to keep losing teachers. To have kids stand up and read in defense of her is endearing. However, last year no one cared when a high schooler cried, begged and pleaded to the board to not fire her favorite teacher and her friend. No one’s hearts were touched then. Why should this be any different. Is the public aware that during the election, two teachers are video’d handing out propaganda encouraging votes for Tom and Aaron while handing out information stating that the teacher union did not endorse anyone running. Flyers were hung defaming Mary Bush and finger pointing that she is the reason why there is no ambulance service in Williamsfield. Guess what people…it’s public record….go to the courthouse and get yourself a copy. It is an interesting read. This is not personal. This is our future. Why is everyone so blinded? Is it something in the water?

  • W. Foster
    Posted at 16:48h, 11 January

    In December of 2016 $5000 Title I was approved to purchase Blue Room books. At this last meeting something was said regarding money being spent to purchase books for classrooms. If we aren’t using the Blue Room for a library, then why arent the books given to the classrooms? In looking back on BOE minutes there have been many public comments that referred to requesting a Title I reading specialist. I don’t believe that has ever been addressed. Matter of fact, a lot of questions have never been addressed going back to 2015 school year. What about exit interviews for teachers being let go or “left of their own accord”? I have seen that multiple times….I sure do hope that with as many as we have lost, someone is attempting to find what the problem could be.

  • Peter Nelligan
    Posted at 04:32h, 12 January

    Todays Lesson.
    Stall Stall Stall.
    Bury The Truth.
    Repeat It’s for The Children.

  • Sis
    Posted at 17:17h, 12 January

    Never hire home town boys. It becomes the good ole boys club. Either you are in the club or your not.

  • BIGS
    Posted at 17:34h, 12 January

    Where was the outrage when the previous Board President limited to 2 minutes? Must be because it was in favor of the administration. That seems to be the theme, its all good until its not in favor of administration.

    No ones financial situation, divorce, or any other personal situations are anyones business.

    Let’s talk safety. How is the building safe when the gym doors are open and anyone can wall in? Failure in the system. Central offices do not make a building safe. Locked doors, buzzer system, making individuals accountable for letting others inside those are steps to help make the building safe.

    The majority of school shootings happen by someone who is known to the building. Administration would know this since there was a threat several years ago. Majority of parents were not notified until their children walked into building where cops were present. This falls on the lack of communication to the whole community.

    Anyone who attending December’s meeting seen where background checks were not done. Predators do not come with notification stamped on their head. Not insinuating there is one in building but background help.

    Of course SAT scores matter, thats what helps get kids into good colleges. A nice space for kids is always welcomed but that nice space does not get them into college.

    Math scores matter. If students can’t do math that rules them out for many jobs. Why not worry about it this is children’s education that should last them their lifetime.

    The current board has kept kids at the forefront. So they questioned a teachers certification or lack there of. Again this is someone who is teaching kids. Regardless of what anyone says certifications are not silly.

    Why would any board member respond to the hatefulness and anger? I know I would not.

    Productive boards ask questions. This is exactly what they are doing. I know administration does not like being questioned but it gas to be done.

    My last point having a healthy conversation is ok. Live streaming the mess that was live streamed for the world to see how disfunctional your community is is unacceptable.

    How about that positive exposure?

  • M
    Posted at 18:04h, 12 January

    I am always interested in hearing what incorrect figures are being given out at board meetings. Please show proof.

    • JG
      Posted at 19:39h, 12 January

      I see a lot of very angry, demanding people who are very aggressive in their two minute or five minute time allotment. If I was a board member I wouldn’t respond to them either. Matter of fact I don’t recall any board meeting where any board member replied to the public comment. People need to really do their own research, ask questions and see where money is being spent. A brand new office, yet the roof leaks in the gym. I’ve personally seen damaged ceiling tiles in the brand new board room. (they’ve been replaced). We don’t have a crossing guard. Has anyone ever noticed what a mess it is to pick a child up after school? There is no parking because things weren’t thought out. How many years will it take to get a mirror in the middle school bathroom? I know there hasn’t been one for at least two years. Make decisions on your own based on facts. Request information.

    • notes
      Posted at 19:50h, 12 January

      There are many positives to the school – they outweigh the problems caused by community members and administration.
      Children do thrive in this school. They are not lost in a district where they are just a name. Teachers care, and they care deeply for the children they teach. Friendships between students and staff form and grow. The elementary hall is not a problem. Most people who stand against the four board members don’t have children that are in high school or middle school yet. Many students that have gone on to higher education have found that they are not prepared for courses at the college level. At the last meeting Tim said that his own son could not test into college math, yet excelled at the dual credit college math course. That’s fantastic…but how can we get our kids who are unable to test into college math and/or english into college courses that county towards transferable credits without spending a small fortune on credit hours for math or english they should already know? This is not a new problem, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of concern from admin. I would think with the teacher/student ratio we should be up there with the best of schools, not floating around in the middle to lower portion. Let’s move forward, leave the board alone so they can get our school where it needs to be academically for the children.

    • ss
      Posted at 19:57h, 12 January

      I would hate to think that any adult in the community would damage someone’s vehicle. Possibly it could be kids. Whatever, it is sad that things went that far. Many things in this town have gone too far. I have faith that the resident Gladys Kravitz will be sure to find out the skinny on what’s going down in ‘ol billtown. She seems to have her nose in everything. Abner might get worried about her performing her own neighborhood watch and taking pictures of people’s vehicles and their license plates. These antics have not gone unnoticed. However, just like the sitcom, she brings a level of comedy to the already uncomfortable board meetings.
      Deep breath Gladys, shut the curtains and go to bed.

    • Luke
      Posted at 20:19h, 12 January

      There is a fantastic website called the Illinois Board of Education (ELIS) where you can look up credentials of teachers in different districts. If you aren’t aware, you can select City, district, school or educator. Please, feel free to look up some of the teachers to verify that they are, indeed, certified to teach your child. We have forced out many qualified, certified teachers who were FANTASTIC. They are now in other schools thriving and those children are reaping the benefits of having them as educators. Let me state that I do not want to see any of these teachers leave, my children have developed friendships with them, I think that they are great people and educators. That being said, I felt the very same way about the ones who were forced out. A warning though…don’t think the admin won’t sacrifice you as a way to “appease” the masses. Be wary of who you put your faith in. I have a pretty good idea of who is next in line….I hope not, watch your back….
      Cool Hand Luke

  • Simon
    Posted at 06:41h, 18 January

    I don’t see bullies on the board. I see uncomfortable situations that are made because it seems the new board 4 have to correct the flaws that the past boards have continued to let slide. Have you been to other BOE meetings held in other districts to see how they are run? I have and ours WAS a mess. It will take a little time to correct what has been allowed for so long. Since the new 4 I have been pleased to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of each meeting. I was not aware of any arrests being made….only speculation as to who was behind the destruction of property. Also, never heard of any death threats. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? I’m no judge or jury, pretty sure you aren’t either. You forgot to mention the flyers posted defaming people and conflicts of interest performed by union members during the election. Security Vera’s have footage of this and proof. I believe that there is no group “against the administration”. I believe there are very intelligent people who are concerned for our students, school and community and want it to move forward. However, the problem lies in the way goals are achieved in the school beginning with the narcissistic behavior and motivation of those in charge. That doesn’t mean I’m against anyone, it simply means there are better ways, as a connected community, that we can achieve our goals without risking the finances, wonderful teaching staff and education of students.

  • Simon
    Posted at 07:16h, 18 January

    I think everyone does agree on all that you spoke of. I think many have voiced that. Bullies stink, destruction is childish and wrong, we are setting a very bad example for our children. Ask questions calmly, treat others respectfully and understand that it is okay to not always see eye-to-eye. Move forward. Well said, Phil