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John Clough no longer Prisoner Review Board member –


John Clough pictured to the right of woman with black hat (photo from

At least  according to the Prisoner Review Board’s website (pic here), John Clough (Coles County) where he no longer listed as a PRB Board Member.

This change occurred within the past 72 hours.

Last month we reported on several issues in reference to Clough being on the PRB Board, they consisted of problems with his Statement of Economic Interest, his use of State vehicle, and his use of certain racially disparaging words in his previous employment. also picked up the story and wrote about it (here).

The Governor’s Office has yet to provide any meaningful comment on the subject.

Jason Sweat, the “Media Contact” and legal advisor, refused to verbally answer the simple question of whether or not John Clough was still on the board since he was removed from the member listing on their website.

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  1. Which guy is John Clough? “To the right of the woman with the hat” could mean to HER right or to the right as we are looking at the woman in the photo……please describe who is John Clough. Also, did John Clough ever live in Teutopolis??

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