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April 25, 2024

Videos: Melissa Stanley, Jasper Co School Board Member, made false 911 call after board meeting –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On December 22, 2017


Watch our video report on the federal lawsuit, and the “incident” after the last school board meeting adjourned.

School Board Member Melissa Stanley made false 911 call after School Board Meeting –

After the December 18, 2017 school board meeting, and according to the Police Reports, it was reported to Dispatch that: “2 men from Edgar County Watchdogs yelling and screaming at Board Members” and “the men were in Holly Farley’s face” and “yelling at her and point his finger in her face” – all of that is a lie as the video proves. We have been advised that this is not the first time she has been alleged to have filed a false police report.

Speaking of finger-pointing “in my face” – this pic is a double-pointer:

They point – but call police on others pointing

Here is my narrative of the meeting video (below) that I sent to the Newton Police Department:

At 5:37 Motion to adjourn.

At this point, since there was no longer a lawful (according to the Open Meetings Act) “School Board Meeting” in progress there could not possibly have been a “School Board Disruption” as was reported. Also at this point, there could never have been a “Disturbing Lawful Assembly” since the meeting was over and there was no “lawful” assembly. Additionally, no one ever asked me to be quiet, to not ask questions, to shut up, to lower my voice, to back up and give them more room, or to leave the room or building – which is further evidence that nothing was disturbed, and nothing was alarming any one of those present.

Immediately following, I slowly approached the board from in front, standing at least 5-6 feet from any one of the Board members and on the audience side of the table.

My first comment was that I realized the meeting was over, and that I was going to ask them a question while they were packing up to leave the building.

Almost immediately after I started asking my question, I was rudely interrupted (in a loud voice) by board member Farley when she made wild and unsubstantiated claims that another board member may have been involved in my questioning, even calling us “friends.” She continued to talk over my questions by raising her voice, causing me to elevate the volume of my voice.

Farley raised the volume of her voice again, causing me to raise mine again. Then, Board member Stanley joined with Farley while both of them were talking with raised voices – to the point of “yelling and screaming” at me. A few seconds later, the board clerk got involved and said something – but I kept asking my questions.

There was absolutely no appearance of any board member feeling apprehensive or threatened during this interchange of ideas. One board member even approached me from behind to unplug her computer, the other members remained seated.

AT NO TIME did any member of the board ask me to lower my tone of voice, to stop asking questions, or to leave the room or building.

Once board member Stanley realized she might be talking to someone who would not buy into their version of events, she left the room to call the Police and falsely report what happened.

It is clear in the video that I, John Kraft, was never “yelling or screaming” at any board member (at least no more than two of the board members would be considered yelling and screaming at me). It is also clear that neither I, nor Kirk Allen “caused a disturbance” – if anything, a disturbance might have been caused by board members Farley and Stanley when they were interrupting the question(s) I have of the board.

AT NO TIME was I “in Holly Farley’s face” nor did I ever “point a finger in her face” as board member Stanley would like you to believe. You cannot get in anyone’s face from 5 to 6 feet away and on the opposite side of a large u-shaped conference table.

FINALLY, AT NO TIME was Kirk Allen ever involved in the discussion, nor did he ever leave his seat in the audience seating area.

Watch the video – fast-forward to the 5:37 mark:

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  • Jbw
    Posted at 16:58h, 22 December

    Looked like they kept having the after it was adjourned. It would be fun get get close up of those two witches faces when yelling for future use.

  • Robert O. Bogue
    Posted at 15:42h, 23 December

    Wow, videos don’t lie…. I would compliment the police for doing a fair job of responding to a 911 call in the belief that someone was either harming or intending to harm public officials. Even after being primed with false information, they did the responsible thing, they remained calm, investigated and apparently found nothing that would have warranted such a call. Good Work under the circumstances.
    Notice again, the police did not fall into the malicious, vindictive trap set by board officials hoping to use them as a weapon in defense of their own wrongdoing. An arrest is warranted for this call, but not of the Edgar County Watchdogs: but of the caller (and her accomplices) themselves for the false statements made during the call.
    The board should be thanking the police for doing their job. Had they acted rashly rather than as professionals; had they taken action based on this false call……… the liability to the community would be substantial.
    Then of course consider the larger picture. Public officials are not dictators nor are they intended to be. Their job is to listen, to learn and to reach a reasonable decisions for the benefit of the schools and taxpayers. They should not be making decisions based on their ego’s, or political and social circles: nor should they participate in criminal activities and by the way, it’s not their job to punish anyone.
    What harm is truly inflicted, when one listens to a differing point of view? What harm is done when proof is offered, when points are debated or when wrongful acts are brought to light. In my opinion, none. That’s what is known as free speech in a democracy and generally considered good government…unless of course you’re the ones with something to hide. Those board members involved in these shenanigans need to resign for the benefit of the community.

  • Peter Nelligan
    Posted at 22:28h, 27 December

    F for Failure.
    Bullies come in all shapes and sizes