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Carlinville City Council Members received Notice of Criminal Trespass –


The City of Carlinville’s council members received a Notice of Criminal Trespass during their last city council meeting.

It came from the Illinois Alluvial Regional Water Company, a private company in which the city is part owner (at least for now). So Carlinville is financially supporting this company (at least for now) and they were threatened with arrest. LOL- Give us your money, just don’t visit or we will have you arrested.

In an effort to further transparency and accountability (just kidding) the IARWC has prohibited all members of the city council of Carlinville from attending its company meetings, except for the appointed member from Carlinville.

Read the highlighted portions of the letter below – we have an upcoming article for discussing the items other than the Criminal Trespass Warning.

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  1. This is a small piece which exposes a huge problem with the whole puzzle. Privatizing prisons means the taxpayers have little to zero say in anything involved with private prisons and how they spend money.

  2. ROFL!!!!

    But, if there is *any* discussion of the use of any tax dollars by a non-profit, then the Open Meetings Act is back in play, the agenda must be posted 48 hours in advance, the meeting minutes are FOIAble, and the public must be allowed to attend. I am a former Board member of a non-profit that received tax dollars.