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Paris Chamber removes Randy Peterson from its Board of Directors – Criminal Summons Issued –


The Paris Area Chamber of Commerce has removed Randy Peterson from its Board of Directors…this was confirmed by us this morning.

Last week we wrote about Peterson’s most recent arrest, where he was charged in Edgar County Circuit Court for Domestic Battery / Physical Contact (here) and the Vermillion County, Indiana Court’s Motion to Revoke Probation (here) from a previous DUI.

The article was entitled: Paris Chamber of Commerce Director Randy Peterson facing Domestic Battery Charges in Edgar County – each and every word in the title and article is factually true and correct.

The Paris Chamber has a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and as of at least this morning, seven “Directors” – at the time of writing the previous article, Peterson was listed as a Director of the Chamber, along with others (click here for today’s screencap).

In another development, and having nothing to do with the Paris Chamber, on November 1st, the Vermillion County Court has issued a “Criminal Summons” for Randy Peterson, which will be served on him and mandates his appearance in Vermillion County, Indiana Court on November 20, 2017 for a Hearing to revoke his probation (pic here) – which was part of his sentencing on a DUI.


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  1. the reason Cynthia Wilson, is because of his, Randy Peterson’s, criminal actions. this “pretty smart bunch of directors” thought he would be a “better person, after, 1, 2 times, I imagine, but they were stupid, a bunch of bananas.

  2. Maybe he will get some help and become a better person infact I know he will but I would bet you won’t change your mind about him

    • Never said it was the reason. Although they left him there after the last (his third) DUI, and after being arrested in Indianapolis for the same thing in January (it was dismissed). Hopefully they have decided enough is enough.

      • Jmkraft you will NEVER be able to help some people in this town understand what you are trying to do or say. I see you as a person that keeps an eye on as many crooks and misdeeds in this County as possible and that’s no small task. I THANK YOU SIR! You have my respect.

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