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April 19, 2024

Illinois Special Legislative OIG sent me a letter –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On November 25, 2017


Earlier this week, I received a letter from the Office of the Special Legislative Inspector General in reference to a Complaint I had filed back in November of 2015.

The Complaint (read the article here) was an allegation that the now-former Illinois State Representative Edward J. Acevedo used public funds, property, and credit to electioneer against a presidential candidate.

I alleged his filing of House Resolution 0761 (notice nobody jumped on that band-wagon with him) violated Article VIII, Section 1(a) of the Illinois Constitution, violated the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act, Section 5-15, and was an unlawful use of Public resources in an attempt to affect the outcome of a presidential election.

The OSLIG’s letter explains that since there was no Legislative Inspector General at the time, and Acevedo is no longer a member of the General Assembly, the OSLIG has no jurisdiction over the allegations and state law does not permit her to investigate any further.

Justice delayed is justice denied!

Letter below:

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  • NiteCat
    Posted at 21:00h, 25 November

    Always circling the wagons in IL against the electorate. Every single law, rule, “guidance”, suggestion, procedure and even the State Constitution is crafted to invalidate the rights of the residents of this state.

  • Dave
    Posted at 08:19h, 26 November

    NiteCat, I don’t think the state constitution is crafted to invalidate our rights. The Bill of Rights is still intact. The problem is the overwhelming number of immoral people in the general assembly. There is, however, a war against Christianity and our religious freedom by our state General Assembly. For example this letter to Gov Rauner about the unconstitutional bill, SB 1696, which was recently enacted. “To the state legislature majority and Gov Rauner who voted for SB 1696, the Muslim Advisory Council bill; many of us are extremely disappointed and offended with your voting for SB 1696, the Muslim Advisory Council bill. This bill violates the Illinois constitution, Article 1, Section 3, Religious Freedom. Muslim is not an ethnicity, it is a condition dependent upon being a practitioner of Islam. This anti-Christian bill gives a leg up to the religion of Islam and is a violation of this Illinois constitution religious freedom clause “nor shall any preference be given by law to any religious denomination”. I read the bill and it will benefit Islam and theocratic Islamic countries, the state legislature majority can say they are Muslim majority countries as is stated in the bill to try to confuse us, but they fail, we know they are theocratic ISLAMIC countries for the benefit of the religion of Islam; we are not fooled. The members of the general assembly who voted for this unlawful bill should be brought up on ethics charges; everyone swore an oath to uphold the constitutions. It’s clear as glass they did not. Had a Catholic Advisory Council proposed bill been brought to the floor for a vote the screams from the left would have been deafening. The Muslim Advisory council is an affront to Religious Freedom as is the members of the Illinois general assembly who supported SB 1696; this action by the state legislature majority is little more than organized crime. The Illinois GOP should sue to remove this disgraceful violation of the Illinois constitution, even though you ignorant governor Rauner signed the Muslim Advisory Council bill. The Illinois general assembly betrays us, they stomp on our constitutionally protected freedoms. The Illinois constitution religious freedom clause “nor shall any preference be given by law to any religious denomination” was included for a good reason, because Illinois law makers is NOT allowed to enact law concerning religion, because they can destroy a religion by law. Just like Christian churches cannot be taxed because the power to tax is the power to destroy Christianity by Illinois govt. State enacted laws allows the state govt to pick and choose who they want to succeed, the very reason why enacting laws concerning religion is in violation of the Illinois constitution. Hey general assembly, where is the law creating a Catholic advisory council or a Baptist advisory council or a Methodist advisory council or a Lutheran advisory council? The Illinois state legislature has many immoral power abusing law makers. Illinois state govt is THE most corrupt in the nation! SB 1696 MUST be stricken from the books!

  • Dave
    Posted at 08:25h, 26 November

    Watchdogs, I got the same letter. More proof of Illinois state govt being the most corrupt in the nation.

  • Jannie
    Posted at 10:13h, 26 November

    After 2 years I guess the response took some time to think about 🙂 It has been my experience after dealing with local government elected officials and non-elected that it seems like people in “power” begin to believe that they can do what they want when they want and the heck with the average person. I have seen a local governmental entity do things to “prove they could” — nothing surprises me anymore. Some people in positions of power seem to have no respect for the people they were either elected to represent or hired to serve.

  • Ron Brzoska
    Posted at 14:58h, 26 November

    Maybe a legislator could sponsor a bill along these lines in the interest of transparency: In the event that the Inspector General office is vacant, the statue of limitations is suspended for the duration of the vacancy. This would allow for justice to be served as well as sufficient time is given to find the right candidate for the job.

  • Mike
    Posted at 09:16h, 30 November

    Edward Acevedo is considering a primary run against Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart per the Citizens for Edward Acevedo committee record on the State Board of Election website, but has not yet filed with the Cook County Clerk to do so.