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June 22, 2024

How bad it is in Illinois in 1,000 words or less!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On November 8, 2017

Illinois (ECWd) –

In Illinois, Judges can sleep during a trial.  The appellate Fifth District Appellate Court majority concluded, without a showing that the defendant was prejudiced the sleeping would be treated as a harmless error.  So provided you are not prejudiced, sleep away your honor!

Pass the Budget, raise your taxes, borrow money to pay down the backlog of unpaid bills, which at the time reported to be $14 Billion…..never mind, this is Illinois!  After budgets, tax increases, and more borrowing, our unpaid bills that so many were up in arms about, have now climbed to $16.5 Billion! 

Trouble with Law Enforcement?  Never mind that, our State Law Enforcement Training Standards Board had never approved a Police Academy Director until we exposed their malfeasance.

That same agency, “We do not send non-compliance letters to Sheriffs”.  Never mind it is their statutory duty to send those letters.  After exposure, they complied.

Did I mention that this same agency lied to the Attorney General Public Access Counselor regarding the database for Police being investigated for wrongdoing?   Yes, the same agency that has no course curriculum pertaining to educating law enforcement on their obligation to investigate crimes committed by public officials.

Why is this important you ask?

Report a clear violation of state law to the Illinois State Police and they refuse to investigate it because they don’t feel a crime was committed.  Never mind it has nothing to do with how they feel.  Their job is to investigate and pass on to the State’s Attorney for charges if applicable.  One particular case we are working on the ISP became the Judge and Jury by refusing to investigate because of their opinion of what may or may not have happened, all without even opening an investigation. Many police don’t know what their real obligations entail.

Contact the applicable State’s Attorney on the above-referenced matter and he tells me his first obligation is to protect his client, the County Board Chair.  Wrong answer, read the law!   The People v. Ashton, 192 N.E. 820 (Ill. 1934)When prosecutors take this position it undermines our very system of justice! 

Provide evidence of a crime to the local Police Chief in Atlanta, Illinois and he responds with a position ‘no crimes have been committed because he has a letter from the alleged criminal’s attorney’.  You would have to be a real idiot to not see the problems worthy of criminal investigations in Atlanta, Illinois, yet a letter from the attorney becomes the way of the land, even though the letter is dead wrong on the law. Additionally, Police Chiefs curious as to why we didn’t stay in Edgar County call other police departments to ask about us.  Could we ask why he was talking with other law enforcement about us instead of investigating crimes in his community?  Note to Chief, we are not the problem!

Expose illegal actions by public bodies and attorneys step in to either provide cover for the bad actors, or the most asinine legal opinions we have ever seen.  Case and point, Fosterberg Water District and self-dealing by a board member exposed in this article.

Or an attorney who became the Trump campaign director for Illinois during the Presidential primary.  The same one that failed to file tax returns, lied to the judge about it, lied in divorce proceedings, unauthorized practice of law, and sanctioned by the ARDC, takes the position as liquor commissioner for a village that he is legal counsel for, and somehow thought he was worthy of being a legislator?  Did we mention he was a Trustee of Lincoln Land Community College for 18 years where he had influence on our education system?

State’s Attorneys who violate the law, got caught, then simply pull strings to change the law to make those same actions now legal. That and other violations of law that led to changes in the law to legalize otherwise illegal acts were exposed in this article.

How about Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino who plead the Fifth in his State Board of Elections case, who failed to even answer the original complaint?  The Government system is failing, so maybe our FOIA lawsuit against him will bring some sense of justice to the people of Illinois. Mautino’s hearing in our case is in Edgar County on November 20th, 2017 and he has admitted to violating our FOIA law.

Sheriff’s selling siezed guns, a crime, selling illegal guns (filed off serial number), selling guns to deputies, another crime, and everyone from the States Attorney’s all the way up the chain to the ATF and not a single one of them will lift a finger to prosecute those crimes.

All of these matters and much more taking place, in, arguably, the most corrupt state in Illinois and so far, we still don’t have a sitting US attorney in Chicago.   Although John R. Lausch has been nominated (See Page 15), the full Senate approval has yet to take place.

And for those that thought it could not get worse, only in Illinois would we find a Legislature that is passing a bill pertaining to sexual harassment specific to themselves who have allegedly committed sexual harassment.  If this is not the fox running the hen house I don’t know what is.

Considering we have health departments buying penis costumes for parades with your tax dollars, I guess nothing should surprise us.

Only in Illinois!



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  • Deborah Wilson
    Posted at 20:53h, 08 November Reply

    Thank you for staying the course, Kirk, despite the overwhelming facts that you face every day. I can’t thank you enough for what you do for Illinoisans throughout the state and for the inspiration you have been to me as you model excellent watchdog work. Good man.

  • Thankful for the Watchdogs
    Posted at 11:15h, 12 November Reply

    Keep going and may God richly bless you! The Atlanta Police Chief will not investigate because he is very tight with the Mayor of Atlanta who is tightly tied to Bill Thomas. The Mayor and Bill appear to be working on the next taxpayer swindle and the taxpayers just don’t see it coming! It’s the $135,000,000 Million dollar TIF project. It scares me to think of what kind of corruption could happen with that kind of money involved? I have been told that Bill is seen coming and going from City Hall on a regular basis. Does that scare you? It does me! Oh and don’t forget! The Mayor appointed the Police Chiefs brother to fill a vacancy in ward 2.

  • james oconnor
    Posted at 18:49h, 22 May Reply

    Illinois is no doubt part of the swamp President Trump has spoken about on many occasions. Maybe it’s time to petition the DOJ for some assistance in restoring justice here in Illinois.

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