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DeKalb Court Nullifies Former NIU President Baker’s Golden Parachute –

DeKalb Co., IL. (ECWd) –

The Hearing on the Complaint for Open Meetings Act violations of the Northern Illinois University Board of Trustees was held in DeKalb County Circuit Court this afternoon. This suit was brought by Misty Haji-Sheikh. She alleged that on June 15, 2017 the Board of Trustees took final action that was invalid regarding a severance agreement with President Douglas Baker.

Krik Allen was present in the courtroom under their Extended Media Program and reports that the Judge nullified former President Baker’s “transition agreement” due to violations of the Open Meetings Act.

Summary Judgment was granted in favor of Plaintiff Haji-Sheikh and against the NIU Board of Trustees.

The ruling was that the  “transition agreement” violated Section 2.02(c) of the Open Meetings Act, and as such, is null and void in its entirety.

The nullified agreement was worth over $700,000 to Baker, and we contend that neither he, nor the Board, have any grounds to go back and approve any transition agreement, since he is already past the transition stage.

We will have a more in-depth article shortly.

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  1. This is over once it gets out of corrupt DeKalb Co. Retarded law suit with a more retarded judgement.

    No. You can’t stop appeals of corrupt judges.

  2. Perhaps they could use the $700+k in savings to cut tuition? Wait… what was I thinking. They’ll just blow it on something useless.

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