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June 22, 2024

Atlanta Library District’s Attorney Resigned, New Attorney Hired –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On November 17, 2017


During its November 16, 2017 Special Board Meeting, the Atlanta Library District voted to hire a new Attorney. The past Library District attorney resigned.

Steven Mahrt, with Ancel-Glink in Bloomington is the new attorney for the Library District.

Let’s hope this new attorney reads the following Section from the Public Officers Prohibited Activities Act:

Section 3: “Prohibited interest in contracts

I am sure he is more than capable of understanding that rather simple law as it is written and intended to be understood. His first order of business should be to immediately distance the Library and its Board from Bill Thomas and Thomas’s letter from Attorney Philip Lenzini (laugh at it here).

He might also advise the Board what is meant by this phrase from the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act: “List the name of any unit of government that employed the person making the statement during the preceding calendar year, other than the unit of government in relation to which the person is required to file” (read the article here). We think he would agree, that being employed by the City of Atlanta would qualify as requiring to be listed on the Statement of Economic Interest of a Library Trustee.

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