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Algonquin Township – Underwear…on the taxpayer dime – Seriously?

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –

Just about the time you thought you had seen it all, up jumps…….underwear, or specifically, undergarments, in the form of brand name undergarments or their equivalent. “Under Armour or Similar Brand – Undergarments” (see page 10)

Can ANYONE tell us where in Illinois law it provides Township Government to collect taxes from its citizens so that those who work for the Township can use that money to purchase their stinking underwear?

Seriously, this has to be the most outrageous policy I think I have ever heard of, and we have seen some doozies!

This information was found in the “Response to Robert Millers Production Request” in court records that are dealing with the ongoing legal battles with the Former Township Highway Commissioner, who happened to also be the past President of Township Officials of Illinois.

A request for the amount of underwear purchased has been submitted!

It’s safe to argue spending tax dollars for underwear has no public purpose considering the information in the dress code policy that states: “The Road District chooses not to enforce a strict dress code and allows the wearing of casual attire throughout the garage and office.   Common sense is the key to our dress code.”

Not sure which to apply? 

  • “Common sense is not so common” or “Common sense says buy your own stinking underwear“!

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  1. Common sense to a “casual” dress code in the office & garage means WE DON’T HAVE TO PROVIDE YOUR CLOTHING. Going COMMANDO is at your own risk.

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