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Watchdogs Receive Death Threat After Exposing NIU Employees –


Starting last year, and thru to earlier this year, we had received numerous vile, racist, nasty sexual related, threatening messages to our web page – culminating in a death threat issued, complete with how it was supposed to happen.

We reported the incidents to the authorities in Edgar County earlier this year, and have not received any information from them about it.

The threats and vile comments started towards the end of the OEIG Investigation into the actions of former NIU President Baker and his senior managers/consultants. It got progressively worse the closer it came to the public release of the OEIG report, and culminated with the threat of coming to our next training class, stating “we will show up at your next public outing, you’re done, it will be glorious.

Comments like these have absolutely no impact on our mission or work. We bulldoze ahead no matter what stands in the way. Truth cannot be silenced.


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  1. My Deep appreciation for the ECWD’s efforts
    Stay the course
    Stay focused
    Stay safe
    Courages People Tackle Corrupt Government
    – Gutless people threaten others to silence them
    – This Great Nation was NOT founded by the Gutless
    But it will stay Free because of the Courageous..

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