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May 20, 2024

Carlinville Alderman Cindy Campbell Lied to City Council –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On October 5, 2017


She lied – Macoupin County Enquirer-Democrat printed it.

During the October 2, 2017 Carlinville City Council meeting, Alderman Cindy Campbell told the city council that I threatened to sue the village if she voted on anything at the Proposed Water Organizational meeting (see her comments at about the 44:40 mark in this meeting’s video).

The Macoupin County Enquirer-Democrat reported her comments without even reviewing the available video of the water meeting to see if she was telling the truth. MCED, if you are reading this, you already have my contact information.

As you can see, thru the publicly available video, never once did I threaten any litigation based off any alleged vote or non-vote by anyone at that meeting.

My comments on lawsuits was the fact that Carlinville obviously has transparency problems since they are already fighting several lawsuits, with at least one more on the way, for their refusal to provide records in accordance with the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.

The concerns I brought forth at the water meeting, which were verified at the city council meeting, was that she did not have any authority to bind the city with any votes. The city council later voted to give her unlimited voting powers without checking to see if they had that authority to give (which they do not). The discussion prior to the final vote was only on spending up to the $30k already allocated to the water meeting, but immediately prior the vote it morphed into unlimited authority (watch the video @ 1:06:38 to see).

Some guy who didn’t give his name said he thinks all alderman should just follow the leader without question, “get on the train or go home” – sorry buddy, their right to question the actions comes with their elected office – that is why they were voted in. He also wanted to know who hired me to show up. The answer is, the city “hired me” thru their actions in violating the FOIA time and time again – their complete lack of transparency, and their efforts to become even less transparent by forming a non-profit without the authority to form one.



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  • Bob Judd
    Posted at 18:58h, 05 October

    Alderman Cindy Campbell, lies to the City Council and the Newspaper prints it without verifying her claim? It’s a shame, but it seems our Free Press is as corrupt as the politicians they fail to to hold accountable.. And the unmitigated audacity of the Alderman lying to the City Council is unacceptable for an elected official….
    What seems to be the problem with local elected Government officials.. Seems like soon after they take the oath, their head swells, their egos bloat, and their common sense won’t come out of the closet when they leave home..

  • the white rose society
    Posted at 05:24h, 06 October

    It appears that it is very common for “newspapers” all over this region of Illinois to print WHATEVER the government tells them to, or not to – be it police, municipalities, schools, without any concern for actual facts. It’s a courtesy I’ve been told. Actually, it’s called propaganda. The conversation should be: who’s worse- the government bodies that lie to the public or the “newspapers” who do it claiming to be purveying news? It’s OK comrade, it’s a courtesy.

  • jmkraft
    Posted at 20:49h, 07 October

    Said by Dave: Dave Ambrose John Kraft calls anything he doesn’t agree with “a lie.” I, too, was the target of one of his skewed hit pieces. I was upset until I realized the only ones listening to him, in Carlinville at least, were the fellow malcontents who recruited him.

    My response: Dave, Truth (the article on you) is not a skewed hit piece. The lie (by the alderman) in this article is substantiated with the video from both meetings in question, not something I “don’t agree with” but simply more of the Truth.