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Motion for Summary Judgment filed in NIU’s Presidential Golden Parachute Vote –

Northern Illinois University – (ECWd) –

Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment was filed, along with the Memorandum in Support of the Motion, in the Open Meetings Act Complaint against Northern Illinois University’s Board of Trustees for the actions that took place during the meeting in which a “Golden Parachute” was handed to Former President Baker.

The Motion seeks:

  • finding that the Board violated Section 2.02(c) of the Open Meetings Act and others
  • declare the Board’s final action [of separation agreement] null and void
  • enjoin the Board from future violations of the OMA and others
  • award plaintiff her reasonable attorney fees
  • other relief as the Court deems proper and just

Motion and Memorandum are below:



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  1. Brueder & his compliant Board already raped the taxpayers of the Harper College district. Only 1 rape allowed per college/President. 🙁

    • He was terminated and never received it. He is suing in hopes of getting it but we doubt he will overcome the motion to dismiss that is before the Appellate court right now.

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