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May 20, 2024

Maine Township- Fire the attorneys, demand resignation from Supervisor

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On September 28, 2017

Cook Co. (ECWd) –

The fact that Maine Township Supervisor Laura Morask may have convinced herself that she is correct does not alter the underlying dishonesty because of her belief, even if sincere, is entirely unreasonable in our opinion.  Does that language sound familiar Ms. Morask?

From the ARDC file on Laura Murask:

“Rather we accept the findings of the Hearing Board and conclude as a matter of law that Respondent did violate the foregoing rules by reason of her purposeful conduct in disseminating false and misleading statements and her utter disregard for the truthfulness of those statements, the effect of which was to perpetrate a fraud upon the public. Where, as here, Respondent failed to take the simple step of verifying facts which were at all times in her possession, the fact that Respondent may have convinced herself that she was correct does not alter the underlying dishonesty because her belief, even if sincere, was entirely unreasonable.”

So if this woman is willing to conduct herself as described above in legal matters, is the public really supposed to just accept her word at these meetings or is it proper to take the position she may disseminate false and misleading statements with an utter disregard for the truthfulness of those statements, which may perpetrate a fraud upon the public?  We take the position of the latter.

In 100% consistent behavior of most public officials who get caught violating the law, Maine Township Supervisor has not let us down.  When we question illegal activity at a school, the pushback is always, “why do you hate kids”, while never recognizing the issue had nothing to do with kids.

Maine Township Supervisor is no different.

With raising the flag of what we considered a violation of law by the Supervisor hiring a person to run the food pantry, three of the board members got it, yet the Supervisor provided the battle cry of defiance and I paraphrase, ‘why do you hate helping the needy’, which was not, nor is the point being made.

From day one, our focus has been about her actions as outlined in these articles here, here, and here. Actions that are inconsistent with the law and case law.

The video from last night’s meeting pretty much tells us what we need to know.  From citizens being locked out from attending the meeting, claims that it’s OK to meet early and review the bills without calling it a meeting, to immediate push back on any suggestion of a forensic audit of General Assistance, Supervisor Laura J. Morask is in a class of her own.

As can be seen in the video, she attempts to shift the messaging by claiming those questioning her somehow don’t want to help the needy.  A total false premise but one commonly used by those caught breaking the rules.

Although the video is long, it is worth a review to see how dysfunctional this Supervisor is.  We have the video set to the point where she goes full drama queen on those questioning her by attempting to shift the narrative.

Sorry Laura, this is not about helping the needy, this is about fixing the fact that only 17% of the taxpayers money is actually being used for the purpose of helping the needy while you hire people who lost an election without any legal authority and expel township funds to get a legal opinion that is inconsistent with the law and case law. More on that to come!

Video set to the key point for this article but well worth the viewing from 1:30:00 mark forward.



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