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July 20, 2024

Brian Towne, Frank Mautino, and ILSAAP -Collusion to provide cover for violations of law?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On September 22, 2017

Illinois (ECWd) –

Says Who, with What Proof?

The famous two questions I have lived by for years. After attending the recent no hearing – hearing on indicted former State’s Attorney Brian Towne, something dawned on me.

Towne is employed as a State Employee of the Illinois Appellate Prosecutor’s office of which he was also the former Chairman of their board while he was a State’s Attorney.  One of his felony charges is tied to his receipt of funds from the office he presided over, which would constitute a violation of the Public Officer Prohibited Activities Act, but there is something bigger.

In Illinois, we have the Office of the State’s Attorneys Appellate Prosecutor, which is filled with attorneys who are taking on cases across the State in accordance with the statute that governs them. With an office full of lawyers, a board filled with lawyers, and a Director that is supposed to be a lawyer, one would think they could have comprehended the law before entering into a contract as they did.

We have obtained an “intergovernmental agreement” that Brian Towne signed as the Lasalle County State’s Attorney and the Director of the Appellate Prosecutor signed on their behalf.  Towne, a Board member at the time and possibly the Board Chair signed this agreement in which he garners both financial support for his county office as well as what we believe to be an attempt to provide cover for his illegal SAFE operation.

In this article dated May of 2016, I stated: “the evidence is stacking up against him in what we believe will be a nationally recognized example of how those in authority are destroying our Constitutional Rule of Law.”

Today’s search of Says Who with What Proof may well strengthen that statement made over a year ago.

Follow the pattern of Brian Towne and the political cover that appears to be provided in sequence pointing to cover being created for what is now confirmed, an illegal SAFE unit ran by Brian Towne, former LaSalle County State’s Attorney.  Those illegal actions have already led to numrous cases being thrown out and laws changed related to the illegal siezure operation he was running.  However, today’s research should send chills down everyone’s back as it appears there was a well coordinated effort to provide cover as more got exposed.

Key information of interest:

  • Towne is sued for his illegal SAFE unit in 2012, now known as the Ringland case.
  • Current Auditor General Frank Mautino, former State Rep, filed a bill as Chief Sponsor to change the law, in February of 2012 that changes the law for the Appellate Prosecutor’s office. “The Director may contract for such investigators to provide investigative services”
  • Presto, immediately after the new law takes effect, Towne signs an agreement with the Appellate Prosecutor’s office, which we suspect, he thinks will provide him cover once again for his illegal SAFE operation.  Why?  Because now he can claim his SAFE unit is working under the authority of the new law that allows these investigators to be contracted.
  • As the Ringland case progresses in the courts, Mautino Chief Co-Sponsored yet another change to this law.  “The Director may contract for or employ part-time such investigators to provide investigative services”
  • Date law became effective –  7/30/2015
  • Two weeks later, “On August 16, 2015, the Illinois Attorney General, the State’s Attorneys Appellate Prosecutor, and Towne filed a petition for leave to appeal on behalf of the State in the Ringland case.
  • We and others exposed Towne in his illegal distribution of drug money to schools – He claimed it was legal yet mysteriously the law got changed to make the actions he was committing legal.  Of course, he knows nothing about the change in the law.

Were these changes to the laws done to provide cover? 

All indications are yes, especially in light of language in the Appellate ruling which Towne lost unanimously.  

“He was further aware that the section referred to the State’s Attorneys Appellate Prosecutor’s Act (725 ILCS 210/7.06 (West 2010)), which contained additional requirements to allow investigators to act as peace officers, and he had taken steps to comply with those requirements.”  (Quote from the Appellate case where Towne lost)

What section of the law did Frank Mautino have changed not once but twice?  725 ILCS 210/7.06.  The same section of the law cited in the appellate case! However, the actual change to the law was not that investigators were allowed to act as peace officers as claimed. It appears the law did in fact change, but in a way that is tied to the intergovernmental agreements Towne cooked up.  Transcripts from the appellate case may point to misrepresentation of what part of the law changed by simply pointing to the law, citing what language supports you, followed with a claim that section of the law was recently changed, which that “section” was, leaving the impression such changes were done to support your actions.   

Another discovery today was the fact the contract Towne signed with the Appeleate Prosecutor’s Office was done so on behalf of the county, not his Office of State’s Attorney.  According to the minutes for the county, Towne was never approved to sign an intergovernmental agreement on behalf of the county.  He could have signed one on behalf of his office of State’s Attorney, however, that is not how the contract was signed, thus, what appears to be yet another violation of law by Brian Towne.

Everything we have looked at points to a well-orchestrated attempt to provide cover for Brian Towne by changing laws, entering illegal agreements, and possibly misleading the courts.  We may never know the truth as Mautino has already pled the Fifth Amendment due to his criminal investigation and Towne has been indicted on 17 felony charges, which we suspect he may do the same.

The one question we have, can we trust the Illinois Office of The Appellate Prosecutor considering what we now know?  An agency filled with attorneys and this kind of self dealing and apparent orchestrated cover tells us there needs to be a serious investigation by Federal Authorities into these events as it appears the Feds are the only agency interested in exposing and prosecuting public corruption in Illinois, outside of two State’s Attorney offices that are doing their Job, Kankakee and LaSalle.

This also points to yet another reason the legislature had better start digging deeper into the reasons certain laws are getting changed.  When we continue to allow our legislature to change laws that provide political cover for illegal acts, we are on a direct path to losing our Constitutional Republic!


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  • CountyLeaks
    Posted at 21:02h, 22 September Reply

    A blast from the past! Brian Towne & Frank Mautino in a photo together with Pat Delfino and others from ILSAAP. Interesting that THREE of the people in this photo would later be indicted. (Louis Bianchi was later found innocent.)

  • NiteCat
    Posted at 00:02h, 23 September Reply

    How is IL part of our Constitutional Republic?? Our state constitution was written for the politicians, lawyers and unions and against its citizens.

  • Gomers Piles
    Posted at 00:20h, 23 September Reply


    Don’t step in it!

  • Danni Smith
    Posted at 09:03h, 23 September Reply

    NiteCat-you are correct- and the July 4th, 2017 serious tax increases, and the soda tax imposed upon us are to insure their own lavish futures and pensions as they benefit from the same pension system that they will draw from-the same story of, the “law I made, guarantees I can take everything I want from you”. The anger that is building in the taxpayer is fearsome.

  • Dustin
    Posted at 09:22h, 23 September Reply

    Lyin brian don’t lay on belly with celly haha lol

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