Nauvoo Councilwoman threatens Watchdogs for publishing her threats to Mormons –


A few days after we published a Press Release from opennauvoo.org about Nauvoo Councilwoman Beverly Reynolds and her unflattering comments about “tar and feathers” on “people like this” and her apparent references to the 1840s murder of Mormon founder Joseph Smith and the subsequent ouster of Mormons from the City of Nauvoo, she left us a phone message.

The message indicated a demand that we take the article down within 24 hours or she would sue us for what we published – we were in Ohio when we received this message, and that was 5 days ago as of publication of this article.

After receipt of the message, I reviewed her Facebook comment and the contents of the article, and determined there was nothing written in the article that wasn’t said by Reynolds on Facebook.

The article will not be taken down.

Please read her Facebook comment (below) and the previous article (here) and decide for yourself.

Listen to her threat to us:

It might be time for her to exit the public arena if she thinks she can threaten people and get by with it simply because she is on the city council.


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  1. Beverly needs to take leave of her position. What as hate monger. Take it to California Bev you are a disgrace to Nauvoo. God will deal with you.

  2. Nothing like regressing back to the 1800’s where there would be NO COUNCILWOMAN! Nothing like speaking out of both sides of one’s mouth, Beverly!

  3. There is no basis for a law suit. Wonder if Ms. Reynolds is familiar with the legal term, “malicious prosecution?” There is another more easily understood concept in life called, “the truth hurts.”

  4. This is rich; “…and, uh, I’m asking you to, um, to um, uh, I’m just saying…”

    Listening to this recording, the names Maxine and Nancy come to mind.

    Like, you know, I mean, you know, awesome, like…

    If this keeps up, the Watchdogs might involuntarily become an entertainment group.