Alexandria Shooter James Hodgkinson, Belleville, IL – Facebook Groups –


Heavy.com is reporting James T. Hodgkinson from Bellville, Illinois as the named shooter in the Alexandria, VA mass shooting of Republicans as they were practicing for a baseball game.

We have captured the list of Facebook Groups he was a member of, and it is quite interesting – here are some of the more disturbing-looking ones:

  • The road to hell is paved with Republicans
  • Democrats are Welcome
  • Rachel Maddow for President 2020
  • Join the Resistance Worldwide
  • Donald Trump is not my President
  • Terminate the Republican Party
  • President Bernie Sanders
  • BERN ON #theRevolutionContinues
  • Illinois Berners United to Resist Trump
  • Americans Against Fox News
  • Boycott the Republican Party

Complete list below:

Facebook Groups of Hodgkinson



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  1. Murder is NEVER a good thing … sorry but it’s not. What happened was horrible and sickening, and I don’t know how I would have responded in that situation myself; however why do we have to constantly kill people in return? Especially if this man were mentally ill. There are ways to bring a shooter down, take him in and retrain him. I wasn’t there so its hard to say for sure BUT It just seems to me that he could have been shot in the legs and taken into custody.

  2. political rhetorical terrorism spewed by the democratic party. deep down i do believe some democrats are glad this happened. This guy should of been upset at DNC for black balling his candidate. Think before you speak as what you say may be taken literally by mentally ill people. Maybe if the media hadn’t basically guarantee that Hillary was going to win and Trump was a joke, people would not have been so deeply affected by the results. I feel bad this even had to happen as I have taken care of the mentally ill for 36 years as a RN.

    • Barbara I agree completely. Plus, the Rachel Maddow for president page is extremely disturbing. She is one of the worst conspiracy theorists and spews lies. She incites violence in mentally ill people who aren’t capable of rational thought process and recognizing fact from fiction.

  3. It’s a reflection of the polarized nature of our country that the author and commentators can say that the list is “disturbing”. The shooter’s actions were disturbing, he himself may have been mentally ill, but the fact that he belonged to these social media groups is neither disturbing nor sick. Consider that none of the groups say anything about killing the opposition, or that they should be dead. In just a quick search on Facebook, I found a group called-” I’d love it if I woke up and all Democrats and Liberals were dead” — that’s not disturbing?

  4. Hope the authorities determine any connections he had with others in Belleville area that have the same mind set as this sick individual.

  5. Nut job. It’s nice to know he is no longer a threat to any human being. Kudos to brave LEOs who engaged him and killed him.

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