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April 24, 2024

Effingham Schools Superintendent Wanted to Issue $14 Million in Bonds to Punish Voters –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On May 27, 2017


Mark Doan, Superintendent of Effingham Unit #40 School District, says he wanted to issue $14,000,000.00 (fourteen million dollars) in Bonds in order to punish voters, by making them freak out, for voting down the sales tax for the second time.

After a stunning, but predictable, defeat on the sales tax referendum in the April 2017 election, all of the Effingham County school superintendents were upset, but none were more upset than Mark Doan from Effingham.

Doan said the vote “pisses me off” and then laid out some steps to take after the failure – all aimed at getting a future referendum passed.

His first option was to run the referendum again in 2018. By doing this, they can wear-down Effingham voters and try to convince them to vote in favor of the sales tax while it is still fresh in their minds.

He also wants to continue with planned work, and sell Bonds to cover the costs, which would  freak everyone out by raising their real estate taxes to pay the Bonds, which in turn would convince some land owners to vote in favor of the sales tax in 2018.

Or…they could do nothing.

My bets are they will do whatever they can do, to include selling Bonds to complete unneeded projects, so real estate taxes will increase to pay the Bonds, so more people will be in favor of the sales tax referendum in 2018.

See how that works? Use your tax money to incur more debt, with the purpose of getting you to vote to give them more of your tax money in 2018. This ain’t over by a long shot and we suggest you keep letting your school board members know how you feel about the sales tax referendum.

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