Coles County Board Meeting met with angry citizens –


The Coles County Board held its monthly meeting on May 9, 2017, at the Coles County Courthouse.

The Board moved to a larger room when it became apparent that attendees greatly outnumbered available chairs in its regular board room.  Never mind the fact they ignored previous requests to make this move prior to the meeting.

During a lengthy public comment period, several citizens expressed their displeasure of recent increases in their real estate tax assessments. Our previous articles on this situation can be found at the link here.

Among the complaints were that an appraiser was illegally hired and all assessments should be invalidated, violations of civil rights as a result of inequitable taxation, improper publishing of tax notices, and several other items.

The video is below, and we apologize for the audio not matching up with the video in some parts of it.

Additional stories aired on WCIA and WAND as both stations were present with their news crews.
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  1. What an amazing, amazing video. Clearly the board has been caught violating Illinois law and misrepresenting the facts. For those board members that may not have known or that willingly accepted bad advice, now you know. Now the facts are before you. I suggest the board accept the facts and address the problems. Because it’s the right thing to do: and certainly because there will be no stopping those citizens empowered with the truth until you do.
    Compliments and appreciation for those that spoke up against lawlessness, held your ground, that donated countless hours in documenting their arguments with FOIAs, that put in the time to prove their arguments and to those citizens that attended.

  2. Good job John. COles County comedy channel is a good watch. Takes a while to sink in, huh? John