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July 13, 2024

Who is Joe?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On April 22, 2017

Illinois (ECWd) –

Who is Joe? Whoever he is, he received campaign cash on a regular basis, year after year from Frank Mautino’s campaign account.

Mautino, our current Auditor General, as in our top watchdog for financial accountability in the state, would cash a check at Spring Valley Bank and on a few occasions, write in the memo section what it was for.  Between 2009-2015, Joe received $12,487.00 in cash.  The amount grew each year with a slight hiccup in 2014.  Some of the checks memo section point to repairs being done so we assume Joe was some kind of a local handyman.  His campaign treasurer has testified that she does not have any receipts in her possession and Mautino has pled the fifth on all matters tied to his campaign.

Where this gets interesting, and we don’t know the answer yet, is how this distribution of campaign cash to this individual was reported to the IRS.  When you pay people over $600.00 there are certain IRS reporting requirements and even if those requirements were not met, the individual is required to report these earnings on their income tax as several of those payments do disclose it was for repairs or services provided to the campaign office.

Did we mention this check cashing scheme was done by our Top Watchdog, as in the Illinois Auditor General?  It should be noted that not only has our Auditor General pled the fifth, he has refused to answer a single question from his employers, the General Assembly.

Quote from Speaker Mike Madigan in August of 2016:

“I think it’s appropriate that there would be an inquiry, which is happening. Certain issues have been raised. Frank Mautino has been responding to those issues. He will continue to respond to those issues,” Madigan said. “My expectation is that at the end of the day, after there’s been a full inquiry, and a full level of knowledge as to what happened, that Frank will be vindicated, and he’ll continue to serve as the auditor general.”

So now that we have evidence that Madigan’s statements are false, as it pertains to Mautino “responding to those issues”, is the Speaker of the House still of the opinion Mautino will be vindicated and continue to serve?

How can one be vindicated when they have invoked their Fifth Amendment right?

We believe it’s in the best interest of the State of Illinois for Frank Mautino to resign his position immediately and devote his time to his family. In fact, with the challenges his family is currently facing, we suspect it is actually in their best interest if he were to devote his time to them as anything he puts his name on as Auditor General has little credibility in light of his recent actions.

For example, the recent NIU Audit Report points out that NIU has a problem with FOIA.  Oh really?  Much like the Auditor General himself?  The same auditor General that has admitted in court pleadings he violated FOIA in response to my request for records?  Yeh, same guy!   So now we really have the pot calling the kettle black.

Admits violating FOIA, pleads the fifth relating to his campaign check cashing scheme and sits on top of the food chain in political appointments with his 10-year appointment, all while handing down audit reports chastising state agencies for actions not much different than his own. Only in Illinois!

Who Audits the Auditor?

Stay tuned for Who’s Harry!


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  • Jon
    Posted at 15:45h, 22 April Reply

    Why doesn’t this guy just give up? He’s protecting someone and that someone just might be the bigger fish. Great job Watch Dogs.

  • Tony Baloney
    Posted at 22:28h, 22 April Reply

    Who is Joe?

    I have no idea!

    Here’s what we were talking about- it wouldn’t be hard to believe if this Joe turned out to be the famous Joey Buttafuoco from New Jersey? I mean, you could see why you might not want to put Joey Buttafuoco on all that paperwork for people to ask questions about.

    Whether or not all them IRS 1099 self incriminations were all properly filled out or not!

  • Madison Black
    Posted at 09:40h, 02 May Reply

    The paper trail will bury Mautino. I think we may all presume that there is a
    bigger fish.

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