(Video) Representatives Ives, Wehrli discuss the Frank Mautino Hearing with ECWd –

Chicago, IL. (ECWd) –

Illinois State Representatives Jeanne Ives and Grant Wehrli talk to ECWd about their thoughts on Mautino and last week’s hearing in Chicago.

Rep. Wehrli also mentioned HB0415, which would require a photo of expense receipts be filed along with the expenditure report to the Illinois State Board of Elections.

House Bill 0415

Synopsis As Introduced
Amends the Election Code. Requires political committees to include a copy or image of any receipt received for any expenditure that must be reported. Allows the State Board of Elections to adopt rules to implement the requirements. Effective immediately.

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  1. Dennis, sorry to say but Illinois does not care about transparency.

    I am wondering if there is close tie to Mautino and House Speaker Madigan? Any

    Good job to the representatives that have keep this serious matter on the front burner.

  2. Unfortunately HB-0415 is in Rule 19(a) status as of 3/31/17, which basically means it is now back to step 3, the Rules Committee, where it was on 1/12/17. If Illinois really expects to be “transparent” (whatever that really means these days) then all expenses must have supporting, original, documents, or they would not be paid.

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