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June 23, 2024

Wheeling’s Mayor Dean Argiris’ Prostitution Solicitation Arrest Record –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On March 6, 2017


Oral copulation for $20. That’s right.

One thing that most voters expect and demand of a candidate is Truth. Especially on a candidate questionnaire.

When candidates for office decide to try and skirt around the Truth, we believe it is our duty to call them out while informing potential voters so they may make an intelligent decision at the polls.

Mayor Dean Argiris has been telling some tall tales lately in an effort to thwart bad press that he brought upon himself.

Recently the Daily Herald (and ECWd) wrote on Argiris’ use of the city credit card for personal purchases – of course, Argiris denied using it for personal purchases, but we still insist the fact he reimbursed the city (receipt and check) as evidence its use was most certainly a personal purchase. He apparently lied to the public about the most recent reimbursement of personal purchases, which we believe to have included alcohol.

Additionally, he reimbursed the city several times from a business he operates (AIM Insurance Agency, Inc.), so not only was it a personal purchase, some were also purchases in the course of his private business, which meant the Village of Wheeling was subsidizing his private business expenses – however, its registration with the Illinois Secretary of State had been involuntarily dissolved years earlier and it has no longer been registered to operate in Illinois since mid-2012. But he was still using its checking account as late a November of 2016.

Top that off with late payments, 32 times in the last 34 months, to the city for water/sewer bills – which, had it not been for a State Representative from Naperville who introduced a Bill several years ago to change the Illinois Municipal Code allowing this type of debt owed to municipalities, Argiris could have been ousted for those late payments.

He also allegedly used the city vehicle for personal and private business purposes – both of which the city manager and attorney were well aware of, and condoned with their silence. Yes, he used the city vehicle in the course of making money with his private business enterprises. We believe he should be rotting in jail for this alone.

Arrest Report – Click to enlarge

Finally, back in 2013 on a Daily Herald Candidate Questionaire, when asked the question of “Have you ever been arrested for or convicted of a crime?” He answered “NO”, which is not what Court records indicate. According to Cook County Court Docket no: 94356906 he was arrested on October 13, 1994, at 10:00 p.m. in a Chicago Police Department Vice-Raid, prostitution sting operation, for attempting to obtain “Oral Copulation” for the sum of $20.00. The problem was, he solicited it from a female CPD officer according to the arrest record. He was arrested, booked, and his vehicle was allegedly impounded.

Argiris most recently told the Daily Herald that the police didn’t arrest him, and that it was all a misunderstanding – LOL – if that was the case why was he fined and arrested? His attorney even told the Herald it was a “Quasi-criminal” complaint which was civil and not an arrest. CPD and Court records show otherwise.
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  • Stacey Horcher
    Posted at 18:41h, 06 March Reply



  • Murphys Law
    Posted at 00:54h, 07 March Reply

    The article states he was arrested and booked. What was the courts ruling? That is kinda important information in our Innocent until proven Guilty society.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 05:41h, 07 March Reply

      According to the Daily Herald article linked to at the beginning of the article, he paid a fine. This article was not about whether he was guilty or not, it was about his placing “no” on the candidate questionnaire on whether he had ever been arrested or convicted of a crime.

      • Stacey Horcher
        Posted at 13:06h, 07 March Reply

        Do we want village presidents to be so casual about lies? I think we can do better than this. Thank you Edgar Co. Watchdogs, you guys ROCK!

  • Joe Milton
    Posted at 14:24h, 07 March Reply

    The use of a public credit card for private use by public employees and officials use is common. Look at the way some Dupage township officials and employees have abused this. This can be found.

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