Video: Iroquois County Board Member threatens Watchdog with violence –


During the Iroquois County Emergency Telephone Systems Board meeting on March 23, 2017, Iroquois County Board member Larry Hasbargen decided it was a good idea to scream and bellow at the camera that “I think I’m the guy that can kick your fat ass“…

Hasbargen is the same person who fought us the entire time we were looking into the now-defunct Ford-Iroquois County Health department.

The below video has what we discussed at the meeting and the video clip of him screaming at the camera.

Enjoy (threat at 5:18):


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  1. So far none of the local papers has run a story on this? cowards I guess.

    Is there ANY resource to get the lowdown on the subpoenas? If you find it, post it here fast as you can.

  2. Please publish the health dept subpoena information so readers can see what is happening. Perhaps board members will look at that information if you post those.

  3. Elections have consequences. I hope the
    voters of this county clean house in the general election. The angry, threatening
    board member(s) are over their heads taking on the watch dogs. Anger in this
    type of setting generally indicates some one is about to be exposed for some wrong

  4. It is evident there are Board members that are not taking the time and effort to read the Illinois Statues referenced by the Edgar County Watchdogs on the prevailing matters.

    Were they to do so, they would learn Illinois Law, long in existence, has been properly referenced and the present board activities are in violation of same.

    The Watchdogs are simply referencing Illinois Statues and challenging illegal activities…something all of us as good citizens should be doing for the benefit of our community, county, state and country….and most of all for our children.

  5. To set the record straight, his name is Larry Hasbargen and not Harshbarger. To not get a simple thing as a last name correct makes me question your accuracy on your coverage of these issues as a whole.

    • That was fixed more than 6 hours ago. Do you always wait that long to respond? If it is in the video, it is too late to fix it now.

    • So how much more accurate could we have been than to have it on video? The video is the most accurate reporting of what happen. The minor name pronunciation has no impact on what this guy did. I guess if you are coming to his defense we don’t need to wonder about your purpose of raising such a trivial issue.

    • Scrivener’s error…
      Not really that big of a deal. Even if this was a contract. And he immediately made the correction and admitted the mistake.

      Have you never made a typo?

      Do you publish the volume of writings the Watchdogs do?

  6. Please forgive Larry as he cannot help himself! He has been a lifelong loudmouth bully, ask those closest to him. Sad part is this nut job has a concealed carry permit. Everyone needs to remember that Sheriff Hagen supported this guy to get elected to the county board.This speaks volumes about Watseka voters and your sheriff!!!!!

  7. Jed Whitlow talks a big talk. Facts are a true “Lawman” would follow the law. Not Whitlow, who voted to break several state statues in his effort to give a friend “Nita” a lifelong contract. Almost like when he let a drunk driver drive away. (T.A.) Law breaking runs in the family, granddaughter at Ford Iroquois Public Health Dept., and a brother several years in federal prison for a large theft. Don’t claim ignorance of the law as it is not a defense. Shame on You

  8. Oh my, would hope the next election in this community would find this mans name not even on the ballot. Sometimes a good friend or one if the leaders in the area has to stand up pat someone on the shoulder & say; “For the good of our community it’s maybe time to give it up and step down. Let someone else take over. You might need some rest & reflection time.” There is no shame in stepping down & apologizing but only if you proceed with the same behavior.

  9. I am all for you guys, but it is Hasbargen, not Hasbarger. One of these days you will check double dippers. One lady gets paid by the park district to be there and then by the county board!

  10. Well John, you’ve gotta admit that after all your verbal abuse, ole Larry took it like a man and kept on diggin’.

    The white sox and black tennis shoes are a nice touch, too.

  11. The Watchdogs have a long record of uncovering governmental deception. I’m looking forward to your upcoming report on whether that guy can, in fact, kick your fat ass.

  12. That poor woman to his right looks like she is trying to hide… as if she is just mortified by her co-council member’s behavior.

      • I’m shocked!

        How rude.

        Guess a person should think twice before shaking hands.

        I never met none of these guys but sometimes I find that guys what wanna act like tough guys are really nothing but shit talkers. They act like they got more piss than an Irish bar on St Patrick’s Day, but in the end it turns out to be nothing but fluffing and puffing. They run their mouths writing checks they can’t cash! Sometimes they turn out to be a few fries short of a Happy Meal too.

        It’s enough to make you wonder what the the voters were thinking?!

        • “Those who cast the votes decide nothing.
          Those who count the votes decide everything.”

          Josef Stalin (attributed to, but disputed

  13. The good people of the Watseka area should be proud of who they elected for County Board. Remember, there is another election in a year, so keep this video in mind when you vote if Larry has the nerve to run again.

  14. That guy reminds me of an employee at the Clark County Park District….wonder if he is a wife beater as well??? Got a short fuse to be sure!

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