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July 20, 2024

Iroquois County – 911 Coordinator contract declared void from day one –

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On March 24, 2017

Iroquois Co. (ECWd) –

The Iroquois County Emergency Telephone System Board (ETSB) held a special meeting tonight to discuss the employment contract they had with an employee calling herself the 911 coordinator, a position not named in the law.

This afternoon the Iroquois County States Attorney informed the board that the contract was void as it was never placed on the agenda with sufficient information to inform the public, just as we pointed out during the last meeting we attended and wrote in our first article on the matter found here.  

Upon notification that there was nothing to act upon as it relates to the contract, the board adjourned.  It would have been an interesting evening had they been told the contract was valid as it had a notification deadline of March 25th, 2017. Since the agenda did not have any action item listed, they would not have been able to act if they wanted to.  I wonder who drafted the first faulty agenda when the contract was put in place and who drafted the one for tonight’s meeting?

We were later informed that the employee had sent a letter to the board that reflected her willingness to extend the contract 60 days to negotiate.  I guess that ink was wasted as the contract is void and has been since the day it was signed.

We appreciate the State’s Attorney laying out very clearly why the contract was void and taking all the personal emotion out of the equation.


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