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May 20, 2024

The look into Edgar County Jail operations under former Sheriff Crippes

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On February 4, 2017

Edgar Co. (ECWd) –

We have been demanding public records from the Illinois State Police since 2012 regarding the two former Edgar County Corrections officers who were later convicted of felony crimes for their actions at the Edgar County Jail.  We exposed the malfeasance of Edgar County deputies involved in trying to white-wash these events in numerous articles found here.

We had been informed others were implicated in wrongdoing in the records we were seeking yet never charged.  In spite of the ISP ignoring the Attorney General’s demand for them to turn over the requested records (total of 6 recordings), we continued to demand the records be produced.

After multiple FOIA violations from the ISP over what has been years of seeking public records so that we can expose the truth to what happen under former Sheriff Crippes, the ISP now claims they only have ONE DVD regarding this case. We find that interesting, considering the officer in the DVD they did provide references another video in their possession, which was not turned over.

We will continue to fight for the recovery of those records as we believe they contain specific information about possible criminal acts by the former Sheriff, Tim Crippes.  We have been told by law enforcement close to this investigation that had Crippes won re-election the ISP was going to pursue Official Misconduct charges on him but since he lost the election that matter was not pursued.  Without those records, which they clearly do not want to release, we can not confirm what we have been told by very reliable internal sources.

Below are just a few clips from one of those numerous interviews of which these came from the only one the ISP will release.   One only need to listen to these clips to understand how bad things were in the Edgar County Sheriff’s office during former Sheriff Crippes’s terms in office.  We will release the entire video in future articles and rest assured, many of the problems exposed in this one video interview have filtered their way back into Edgar County under the current Sheriff, Jeff Wood.

Drugs in the cells?

Edgar County jail a joke – Illinois State Police – “Unfortunately, we are not investigating the county.”

Arrested for things they never did?

Just let me sleep on the job!


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  • Sue Bridgman
    Posted at 07:57h, 05 February

    Illinois State Police have no integrity whatsoever.

  • darrell moore
    Posted at 09:11h, 06 February

    tim crippes locked me up for things i did not do.with the help of my brother tis has happended numerous times thats why i need to neck surgerys and atendon biseap transfor surgery from injurys in jail.this is why i proved medicalmalpractice against the state pshycologist in charleston with teligen federal insurance fraud. because of all the lying games.